Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2012

i could so easily just slip quietly back into bed and forget today is a working day...but i won't.
all the new dogs are doing that little, sweet maxwell (the grinch dog) and getting pretty attached to bess and lottie already too.

gawd, i wish i just did sweet ones, why oh why do i have to rescue the pain in the asses too?

i need to bite the bullet and let chloe forever out of the just worries me so much cuz she will go straight into slipping under the human radar in hiding and it will be hard to make sure she actually eats. and then there is babette the bitchy girl she needs to get out of her cage once and for all too. but will she keep trying to escape out of the cat room door? cuz that really is not safe or good.

if these two would just settle and relax and have a bit of trust then all will be life would be a helluva lot easier and so would their lives be as well. on the whole tho all of the new guys in lately were a pretty good mix..the cats are a bit worrisone but the dogs are all a fairly good fit.

good thing cuz we are now overful again so everyone really needs to get along. time to shut the gates again for a while until some of these guys either pass on to the higher plain or find good earthly homes of their own.

i am happy to report that the only animals currently on my nearing the end of their life worry list are pete, wilbur, flora and the rock. flora is doing pretty well so i am happy about that. the rock tho is swaying to and fro on a very thin thread. as long as i can keep getting him to eat and get in enough fluids, he is ok. but on the odd days when he just won't cooperate..those are the most worrisome days. wilbur just has me completely stymied and pete...well pete is just so freaking old. but at least both of them are still solidly planted on ths side of the ground.

gideon is doing well...dixie settle back in with barely a ripple..nugget has started her intro to chicken world..loretta is not making it easy tho.
twosey has been coming out to hang with her mom and dad out in the sun and that pretty much gives me a constant warm and fuzzy, awww..... she is so freaking cute.... rush!

i am sad to report tho that the ancient old raven who flew in and took up residence out in our barn yards a few weeks ago, passed away the other day. erin found him in the lower pasture and janice buried him here. i liked having him here but i think maybe he chose this particular place for a reason.
maybe he felt that death visits us more gently here.
rest in peace old too are greatly missed.



What a lovely thought, Carol - "death visits us more gently here". I think you're right. I shed some tears over your Raven story. He must have felt the love at Saints.