Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 21, 2012

i cannot believe we went thru 4000 gallons of water just since monday am....that was basically 3 1/2 days. luckily i checked the tank last evening and found it was almost empty so i ordered more which should be delivered today.

we absolutely cannot afford to be spending $500 on water per week so just a quick reminder to everyone...please be super careful with our water use and wastage over the next few weeks or we will be bankrupt before the rains come and we can switch back onto the well.

thank god it is friday cuz i need a bit of a break. i am starting to really regret booking up next weeks holidays with casual shifts. oh well... just one more month then i can have a good stretch off from both jobs to try to recharge.

you know...crash is a really great dog. but he ain't ever going to get a real home of his own. he has little bowel control and he pees pretty much where ever without any thought. it is really too bad tho cuz he really is such a super sweet dog.

we started doing cartrophen injections on some of the newer guys and then we added a few more. holy shit..we went thru the entire vial with just the first dose. this is going to be a $1000 series to cover the ones who might benefit from the full 4 weeks. cartrophen tho is a great can kick arthritically crippled and painful dogs back over to feeling pretty damn good.
this 4 week set we are doing...bess,abbey, manny, riley, peluchi, and tess. i forgot to ask renee to add zsu zsu but i will leave her a note to add her today to the list.

in a month when they are all done if we can afford it... i would like to add..buddy, benny, crash, al, sam, leah and tina next. then the worst of the arthritics should be as good as they can be before the cold and wet of winter sets in.

which reminds another few weeks we better start getting ready for winter. once we are back on the well...the water tanks need to be drained and the hoses brought in..out go the air conditions and fans, in come the extra heaters and i need to stock up on pet friendly de-icing salt, put out the snow shovels and bring in some sand plus bring in a big fresh load of hog fuel. AND we need to ensure all of the exposed water pipes heat tapes are checked and on properly and working to keep our water pipe freezing down to we better check all of the barn water heaters and extension cords too and make sure they all still work.

oh holy shit AND i need to get electricity out to the chicken house and the new mini pig house so we can put heat lamps in there! ouch..that will be a big $ one. that i have totally freaked mysef out about getting ready for winter..i think i will go to work where none of this stuff is an issue.



Carol, I tried, but could to get in to clean Babette kennel. She was pretty cranky today. I Did manage to give her a bowl of canned food.... Barely.
Had my usual visit with The Rock. He did come onto my lap for some Loving, but sure wasn't his usual self. He seemed to have breathing issues and and quite gargley sounding . Along with kinda dry heaves or something.. As well, his unstable gait.


Sorry to the Sunday house volunteers-- I just realized that I forgot to fill up the kitty litter bin for the back cat rooms and it is pretty much empty... It's been a while since I've done the cats, and I really hope that I didn't forget anything else........ SORRY GUYS!!!!


Hi Carol not sure what "cartrophen injections" are, is this something that Yoda would benefit from instead of the Medicam?

Bunny Horne

Just wondered when the video will be available again. I have a bunch of folks wanting to view it.

Yikes I'm spending my vacation day working on the next series of Collector Cards and have come to the conclusion that this is a stinking hard project. Which SAINTS make it to a card next when they are all so deserving. So many photos and stories to filter through. Jenn has so many amazing photos - I find the perfect photo for the front of a card, then no, this one is better....damn - here's an even better one. OMG too many amazing photos.
This is a bitter-sweet project - stories and photos of Saints that have passed on, memories of those Saints that touched my heart and have luckily moved on to a forever home. I want to adopt every one of these guys. This is HARDER than I thought it would be.

I need some fun information about Olie and Mac - the cats. Anyone?

Bunny Horne

Carol, just a reminder that Brent and I are on site next Sunday as well as the Sunday and Monday of Thanksgiving. Get your list ready - Brent can get your fans stored back up in their proper places in the shop and pull down whatever heating things you require for the winter. We have no plans on the Sunday of Thanksgiving so can stick around after the regular chores to get all kinds of extras done so you and the guys are ready for winter. Just send a thought here and there of what needs to be on his list and we will add it from this end.
The Olympic store closed finally and they gave me a load of single size mattress pads. These are perfect for our guys with bladder and bowel problems, but might be too big so I have cut them to the same size as pee pads you would purchase. They can be tossed if need be or washed - whatever works. I will pack them up neatly for storage in the shop. The guys and pee on the same pads the athletes slept on. Or you can donate them to one of the other shelters if they need them more.

I will start bringing out the various cat trees donated by the Costco buyer for the kitties and I have a Soft Side Crate 36" X 24" X 23"high - brand new - I will bring it out next trip in case you need it right away.


We need electricity in Dixie's pad too.. as that will one day be the feed room.