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too pissed to post last night...

Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2012

mya and phoebe.

i let phebes out of her zen den and then mya out of her crate. one and a half seconds later..phoebe is screaming in mya's face (like she used to do to tyra) and mya reacts by grabbing her with phebes flipped and pinned helplessly underneath her and a pitbull attached to her neck.

are you freaking kidding me???
i beat mya off her, throw mya back in her crate and phoebe back into the closet. the whole time i am yelling at them, you god damn mean and violent little bastards!!!!!
(don't freak out, i did not hurt her in the least. beatings from me barely got their attention, i am just not as viciously nasty as they can be.)

i could only barely make myself with great resentful effort let them out twice during the night for a quick pee and a snack and a drink before i locked them both down again.
i haven't been THAT angry at any of the dogs for a very long while but man i was totally pissed at them last evening. is the issue..last night was phoebe's own fault for being a retarded, spastic dweeb..but then i was home for lunch today and mya tried to nail abbey again when abbey went for a drink....and this time everything was calm and quiet..and with renee and i within a foot of her....she is not even trying to be sneaky any more.

mya is without a doubt the real major problem here.

we all spent close to an hour,,renee, erin, krista, laura and me... trying to figure out a suitable option or solution..move so and so here and so and so there, build this and that here or there but the other real issue is...we currently have too many dick heads.

i am boggled by mya, our newest big problem child. i know if i can find the right option for her and the others just like we did for jelly, puff, ed, odie and phoebe.... then all will be good. but where do i find it when we are so freaking full?????

we need to be really careful now because mya is inching ever closer to we just can't safely manage her...she is such a nice dog in all other respects besides being a hurtful food bully to all of the rest.

bottom line is...i don't want to nuke her and i don't want to be mad at her pretty much every day and i don't to be staring at her continually stuck in a cage. i want her to be a patient and polite and reasonable dog who stops blowing a instant gasket and freaking the other dogs out whenever they want to eat or drink.

mya, you are such a royal pain in the ass.

here is my one twisted funny for today..while we were all discussing mya and what the hell to do with her....our dear little phoebe is barking and bouncing up and down in front of me..and all of us knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that phebers was distinctly addng her two cents worth and telling me over and over just to be done with it and nuke her.

big always hates like....mirror images of the other.



I agree with what Suzanne wrote. If only we could send some of the dogs to his pack or get him to come to SAINTS and work with Mya, Odie, Puff, Phoebe and all the others that have a few issues haha. He would be able to train them!

shelagh f

thanks for lettme me know now. I was going to switch my
shift Mon to come out because I was working. With
Pete and all last week, I just left the cheque on
Ed's desk. That's great Pedigree donated some
canned food. I will talk to Leila regarding mya
and bully buddies. I think Mya would win in a
dust up with Oliver, but it wouldn't really be
a fair fight

Carol or shelagh can ask them if they will post her....pls and thx so much!!!

oh and shelagh..before i forget... we won't need a costco run this week..we are good for the friskies and apples next week i think and pedigree donated a ton of canned food for our guys..enough for a few weeks at least.
oh again...and i signed the cheque it is on the desk next time you are here.


I think Bully Buddies would still courtesy post Mya for you - they posted Screech for us and we know how many issues he had/has. Whether she will get a home or not is the issue though. But it doesn't hurt to try.


Thanks for the heads up Curt! I was looking forward to seeing it and well worth the wait. I laughed silly when we were warned of Carol who then barked at the camera, what a hoot.

The other day I was dreaming about what I would do if I won big time on the lottery. I imediately thought, hmm, maybe I could start an animal rescue.

Then I remembered Dear Carol and what she puts up with day in day out and I had a change of plan. Carol, I will send YOU a few million if I ever win! Win-Win :)


I see it has not been mentioned here but the video is back up, It was mentioned on the Facebook page


well to be fair..other than tennis balls she is not destructive here cuz someone is pretty much always around but she was in her previous home.

pretty unrealistic to try to do our work with a dick head dog attached to our waists around here carly..everyone is cleaning and scrubbing and carrying stuff around plus trying to quickly and efficiently get in and out of doors and gates with other dickheads behind them, and doing canned feeding and meds for another 100 cats and dogs while the one attached to you get pissy about food.

it would be a disaster in no time...might work in a day care but i doubt it could work here.


I'm thinking you should call Caesar. He has this huge new ranch and he absolutely loves the Pitties. His pack would shape her up in about 5 minutes or less and it would be super great press for saints to be on tv all over the world. Maybe Mya and Phoebe should take turns having little vacays down there. He goes to assorted rescues a lot. There is also a pit rescue in northern california where the pits are all ruled and kept totally in line by a 4 pound chiuaua... it's really quite hysterical.

shelagh f

I didn't realize she was an all around pain in the ass.
Pretty tough sell with all those issues. In a dream
world, a bigger house would be nice. Even a bump out
like on a trailer would work, just a bit more room.
I guess for the time being the crate is the only option,
till a better plan comes along. At least she goes in
there without a problem.


Having worked at a dog daycare in the past...we used to have a leash wrapped around our waist, and the mean dog attached to it. Perhaps thats one idea for Mya?


no one including the bully rescues really want to be involved with food or stress induced violent dogs....too much risk involved.
add her destructive behavior due to seperation anxiety and she is carrying double red flag.
then add her senior status plus the arthritis in both her back legs and that she is combative with cats occasionally...and mya doesn't really come off as too highly adoptable in any regard.

and you are right... odie does look pretty damn good now because we were able to find a solution that worked for him, the other animals, and us.

now we just need the same for mya.

shelagh f

do you think she would be good without anyone else?
Kind of hard to say when she isn't but I had a thought
when this all started. What do you think about putting
a courtesty posting on the bully buddies web site.
She might find a person looking for a pit cross,
a single pet home and would get some more exposure for
her, and you would still have say on the adoption.

This doesn't solve the problem in the meantime, but I
could look into it if you think that might be a option.
Maybe, with all you have done for the spca or animal
control, they could do an assessment of her. (maybe
not want to know what they would say)

Odie's looking pretty good right now, I bet