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A new Turtle Gardens Bus

Jenn  ·  Oct. 1, 2012

Turtle Gardens is a rescue in Northern B.C. that needs our help to win the Avivia Community fund online voting challenge. Round one begins today. Please consider taking a moment to vote each day so that they continue to drive their rescues to their adoptive homes, which are often hundreds of miles away.

Thank you for voting for A new Turtle Gardens Bus so rescued dogs can go ... home!



In a perfect world every good idea out there (human and animal related)would receive money. SAINTS idea was removed yesterday afternoon.


Thanks for posting this. Without a safe bus, Turtle Gardens can't continue the wonderful work it has been doing for so many years. We adopted our Jed (breed: farm dog extraordinaire) from TG last April and we are so grateful.


If SAINT is in a different dollar group they are still competing for votes against Turtle Gardens, in that each person gets 15 votes, total. If I understand this correctly, you can vote for 15 different groups on one day, or one group every day for 15 days. You can't vote more than once in one day for the same group. There are several other erscues in there, and obviously they need the money just as badly. I'm not a fan of this system - seems mostly designed to keep Aviva Insurance company's name in our faces for the duration. Anyway, they got the money, we play their game. In a perfect world all the rescues would get together under an umbrella title, put in one entry in each dollar category, blow all the compeition out of the water, then split the money up between them. Not a perfect worl, in case anyone hasn't noticed.


saints should not be in that contest...we did not enter and i don't know who submitted us.


Lynne, click on the link provided in the post and then click on the blue vote now button.


Thank you so very much for supporting Turtle Gardens. We put a lot of miles on our TG Bus.


My Levi is TG pooch and it.would be so wonderful if all saints blog readers voted for Turtle Gardens..the work they do and the circumstances they face are a huge is only a 2 week window to lets help TG continue to do the work they do.get them in 1st place and keep them there !!!


Three of our four dogs came to us via Turtle Gardens; one as a 6 week old puppy tossed outside at -30 degrees, one apprehended by the RCMP with a chain ingrown to her neck and with horrendous ear infections, and the third discarded as an inconvenience because his owners didn't bother to neuter or socialize him and he grew into an adolescent hooligan. They are all great dogs. Yvette and Dave do wonderful work and the bus is vital to transport dogs to their adoptive homes.