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Carol  ·  Oct. 1, 2012

i got the 12 hour shift out of the way yesterday but it was a very long day. the good news is work did cover next weekend so i am off the hook for those extra shifts so i am happy about that.
big thx to our sunday bedtime folks who got everyone safely to bed for me last night!
the bed buddies absolutely flooded my room last pm...and that was with me letting them all out on my dinner break. not sure what is going on in there except a whole lot of peeing everywhere!

so sorry to the day staff today for all of the extra laundry..i was too beat when i got home and went straight off to bed once the bedtime chores were done.

i don't have much news from yesterday cuz i wasn't here...the ones i took care of at bedtime and checked on my final rounds all seem to be good including the rock.

and now i need to get ready for work is just so freaking fun!

oh and...mya is such a good girl. she got up this morning, came out for a snack, drink and a pee and then put herself back to bed in the crate again...yay! i don't have to feel mean making her go back in this morning!!!



No worries Brenda..i didn't even see her she must have come out after everyone else. What a treat that Mya likes her crate makes it so much easier.


i did the same thing on sat brenda. was going to send abbey down to the barn but luckily erin told me she was too weak. honest mistake, my computer was down too. and odie tried to get abbey on sat too so do not feel bad lol


Whew! I had no computer access for the past few days, and was not able to read the blog re Mya and Abbey's safety protocols for the weekend until today, so I want to apologize to Mo for allowing Abbey out to the barn.You were so good about returning her, and not being pissed off at me for being stupid. It won't happen again. Also, Odie did try to target Abbey, but I got in between with a broom and all was ok. Mya was really good, thank goodness, and even went into her pen when the door was open, so Dionne and I didn't feel badly about closing her in before we left.
I always read the blog daily, and really look forward to Carol's posts, but more importantly, to make sure I'm clear on any new protocols, etc, so again I apologize to anyone who I may have come off looking clueless to,- should have asked Mo if there was anything I needed to know. Glad nothing serious happened. (Dionne hadn't been able to check the blog either.) We actually did pretty well, considering. Whew again!

Deb Lloyd

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