Rescue Journal

eating crow...

Carol  ·  Oct. 2, 2012

where does that old saying come from? friend and coworker yesterday said i was sick....i said i wasn't... it was just my sinus's again. so last night my sinus's settled down into my chest like a bunch of broken freaking hurts to breathe.

i have to go into work this morning..i have a 730 diabetic and there is no one in the office to call in sick to until 0830. i have taken some dayquil cold and flu and i guess i will suffocate under a mask until i can come home.

and shit there goes thanksgiving dinner with my family this weekend cuz i can't spread this to annabelle... or ang and lindsey who are both pregnant.

it so sucks to be me.

oh well...i feel a few days of feeling like shit and unavoidable rest approaching which is probably a very good thing.

i just have to get thru this morning...then i can crash and burn.


Lindsey Hine

Seriously, I am like iron woman. I have not been sick this whole pregnancy. Don't worry about me. The entire world could be sick and I would not catch. I am so sure of that, I am not even going to knock on wood. If you are feeling better by tomorrow and not contagious, don't worry about me. Not sure about Ang and Annabelle, though. They probably don't have my super human immune system!