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previous saint daisy has passed way...

Carol  ·  Oct. 2, 2012

Hello Carol:

I wanted to let you know our lovely Daisy has passed on Sunday. It was time before the dementia completely took over.

She had many vet visits & drugs for her illnesses: Hip Dysphasia (Metacam), Glaucoma in left eye (Trusopt, Diopred, Travatan), Collapsing Trachea rings (Torbutrol, child's Benylin Dry Cough), ending with Cognitive Dementia (tried Melatonin, Acevet, and finally Alprazolam to help her sleep at night for maximum 3 hours at a time). In between she had three infections, a little one in April, then in June (two night stay at vets with IV drip, Baytril, Novo-Famotidine, Metronidazole Suspension, Lactulose Solution, Sulcrate), and again in Sept (one night stay at vets with IV drip, Apo-Prednisone, Zeniquin, Apo-Misoprostol) which each took a little more strength from her until I had to help her stand to pee/poop.

But also wanted to share she did walk on a field path by herself, could trot (very prettily) down our apartment's corridor, and run for about 4 seconds too. During our walks, could step-up a curb, and walk about 1/2 block.

I always knew if Daisy was feeling her best, she would growl at other dogs - a great fighting spirit.

She was a most fussy eater, and would spit out the "good-for-you" kibble, even when hand feeding at the end. Loved to have shedded wheat with milk after her main breakfast. And to have her pills hidden in deli roast beef.

It was a tough go at the end emotionally, but worth every dime to be there for Daisy's last 9 months. She will have place of honour on the fireplace's mantel with my other girls.

rest in peace daisy-too...big hugs and thanks to audrey for loving you so well.


Ann C

I remember Daisy also, a beautiful little dog and I am so glad she found you. Love your comment Mo. Sweet dreams Daisy......hugs to Audrey.


I too, remember Daisy - sweet little girl, and so lucky to have ended up with such a loving home

Carol Ann

So sorry for your loss. Daisy was a sweet, sassy little girl. Bless you for taking such good care of her.


This makes my heart swell....bless you for opening your heart and giving Daisy a loving home... where it sounds like she just got to be her spirited self. RIP


Daisy was one of the cutest little dogs I have met. So sorry for your loss & bless you for making the end of her journey filled with the love of her very own people and a home that clearly cherished her.

I'll give you a daisy a day dear
I'll give you a daisy a day,
I'll love you until, the rivers run still and I'll give you a daisy a day...

Sweet dreams little girl, you will be missed.


Aww - little Daisy always reminded me of a slinky. Thanks for loving her. So sorry for your loss.


i remember daisy as such a spunky little thing! im so sorry for your loss.