Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 4, 2012

since i am pretty much only up for a few minutes at a time for important stuff..i don't have a lot to report.

bitchy babette is a moron. at bedtime last night, i went to feed her and flora and babette was stuck hanging on the couch by her front claws. since she was snarling and having a fit..i wasn't about to touch her. so i sat in a chair a way across in the room and verbally encouraged her to relax, chill out and retract her claws on her own, which she eventually did. then the angry little hag started stalking towards me, convinced that i had something to do with the couch trapping her. i was too sick to play dodge the pissed off cat so i showed her the nice fancy feast i had in the bowl and she followed it up into the open door of her cage and i made it out of there safe and alive.
babette should stay away from the couch.

rock seems to be doing ok...his chest sounded better last night but he is still weak. and now i am thinking that i am the he isn't going to die of pneumonia but he is still going to leave us anyway. he is still eating his soup every night and he is still purring. but he is not getting better or stronger or healthy again so honestly...what was the point?

the dogs are all being pretty good when it is just me and them here, they seem to know i don't have a lot of energy for keeping them all in line.

max (aka benjy) had his surgery yesterday...he didn't need any extractions just a polish and scaling but one of his testicles was three times it's normal size. his prostate is also enlarged so the vet sent a sample off for pathology, altho we all know it is probably cancerous. but this will tell us what kind, how aggressive and give us an idea on his prognosis...will he have a little or maybe a fair amount more good time?

i can't think of any other news right now.



probly be more rested if a certain ijit staff member didnt keep letting st bernards jump on the bed huh....ooops :)


I hope your feeling better soon Carol, and can find a corner for some peace and quiet (ya right)...