Rescue Journal

all good things must come to an end

Carol  ·  Oct. 5, 2012

today should be interesting...i do need to be up and functioning, we have a group of 15 corporate volunteers coming today for their company volunteer day. can't really make them work their asses off while i lay in bed all day.

oh well..i did have two and a half days of decent rest so i probably should start moving and grooving again...just not sure if i can move, let alone groove yet but i will give it a shot.

i really missed the barn guys so yesterday i went out and sat in a lawn chair with janice for a few minutes and watched little twosy zoom around the barn and yard. gosh that babe is too freaking cute! it gives me great pleasure to know that innocent babe will be happy, well cared for, loved and treasured every single day of her life. she will never experience the trauma, fear, unhappiness, neglect and abandonment that so many other pot belly pigs find in their lives.

janice filled me in on the barnyard happenings, who was doing what..there were picnics for all with a box of frozen pears...there were moments of good natured fun when the tricky guys got the better of her....there is dixie bossing around the giant cows.

today i need to order shavings and check the water tank level and make sure there is enough cat litter to get thru the week.

and i am so tired of watching the avengers when nothing is on tv..i swear to god i have watched it half a dozen times cuz i was too lazy to actually get up and change the dvd.

anyway, i still feel like absolute shit but my indulging my sick self must come to an end.

i will let you know how that goes...hope floats that i will survive the booting of my ass out of bed.



hope you made out alright today nothing worse than having to do things when you are sick.