Rescue Journal

sometimes i wonder....

Carol  ·  Oct. 6, 2012

what ray thinks.

all of the other horses have been around here long enough now to know...what being saints' horses means. even dixie knows, despite being sent off for a year to boarding. they have all left their pasts where they the murkiness of long ago.

maybe i wonder more about ray because unlike the others..i know quite a bit of how he used to live for many years. i can see him tied day after day, nose to butt with his shared stall mate..unable to move and hungry all of the time.

so what does he think about how things are now? does he believe that this is how it will now forever be? unending full belly, able to move freely, a best friend in gideon and constant human care and attention?

does he feel that this was how it was always supposed to be? or does he not even think about how things used to he just content now to be happy?

ray is a great hearted horse. he is kind and gentle and cooperative. and he is strong....ray has suffered greatly at the hands of man, yet he remains a pure spirit and unscarred.

i am not sure how he has managed that.

gideon is the white shining knight and raven is the starry dark knight, they glow from the goodness that resides in their hearts.

i think the best gift that saints has ever given is the life that both of these old horses always deserved....a life of kindness and care that they can now forever rely on.



god bless the ancient ones, wrap them safely in the warmth of your heart.



sorry, i forgot to look..but i don't think we do..i think we are ok still.


Ray is simply remarkable..he does have a girly voice in the mornings thouh:-)


a very good job done and everything living deserves that love and care too bad they will all not get it but saints ika carol does what she can for who she can and that is all she can do. she sees the best in all the animals and knows their strengths and weaknesses she loves them all unconditionally, although at times they really piss her off, who would have thunk .lol. i see odie being a little asshole, but when carol shows up, he is the perfect little dog. i was looking out the dog room window, saw june and several others freaking bolt around the side of the house. i thought oh carol must be around. sure enough carol comes around the side of the house. they just knew she was coming. how neat is that. they are in their own little perfect world here and carol is the center of it all and that is really great. we do what we can do to help out but we sure are not carol. hope you are feeling better will see you tomorrow.