Rescue Journal

and since i feel so gross and miserable...

Carol  ·  Oct. 7, 2012

i might as well think of some things that make me feel good.

like gideon.

i really thought we were going to lose him this year but he pulled the strength out of somewhere and has rallied himself yet again. it looks like he has decided to brave thru another winter..maybe another spring and summer too????

what an amazing wonder horse! he has decided that 37 years is not yet long enough. he would like a bit more. i think ray helped him with this, he wanted a friend that was like him..someone peaceful and quiet and wise to graze by his side.
czar is too needy, dixie too young, and flicka while ancient herself, hasn't quite figured that out yet on her she is freakily obsessed with the donkey..and sometimes czar.

but gideon and ray are a great match...they have seen a great many things. they know what is really important...good and plentful food, warm, clean and comfortable beds, green pastures, and a like minded friend to spend their days with.

AND.....their barn water tanks are still very full.


Barb H

Maybe you need to rig up an outdoor shower to those barn water tanks. Might take care of the icky, but would certainly have the neighbours thinking you ARE off your rocker.