Rescue Journal

sick sucks.

Carol  ·  Oct. 8, 2012

argghh..i phoned in sick on a stat...what a freaking drag!!!!!
i still need a couple of days before i dare go near clients again....the last thing they need is this really does totally suck.

once smokey settled, i slept pretty good. i bought a new night time cough/cold medicine that apparently hits every sicky ticky box so i was able to sleep.

today i might try doing some actual work here instead of just holding myself up on some gate. i think if i make myself get moving, hopefully i can get back to work sometime this week....before i deplete my sick time bank.

i had such a nice hot and lovely bath last night...that was a real treat. and thank you jenn for bringing me some thanksgiving dinner...the dogs enjoyed it as much as me!

ok...time to get moving....hope floats til i sink.



Sorry for your loss Heidi..they never really leave..Taz lives on in your heart and visits in your memories..


my neighbors unfortunately lost their dog this weekend but they have donated all of taz's things to saints. i will bring it all up in the morn. 3 big beds, food, dishes, glucosamine, treats. heidi, if your reading, its much appreciated, thanks for thinking of us.


I slept in an hour for my shift this morning. All I could think of was why today of all days to sleep in. I love stat pay.


her racing name was red star star was the racing stable...if you are asking for her card, be very careful what you put on there. i really don't want to get sued.


You are a very good daughter Jenn !! I was hoping carol had a real dinner over thanksgiving.


Carol hope you are feeling better soon, here's a little good news for you the $1000.00 cheque from the petfinder challenge from Round 3 arrived, so many thanks to everyone for voting!!