Rescue Journal

arghhh...smokey seizured again yesterday!

Carol  ·  Oct. 10, 2012

it was early evening so he was settled by bedtime and all of us did sleep. but...what the heck is up with him??? i guess i need to do a bigger jump up on the phenobarb to 60 mgs BID. i didn't ant to go too high with him cuz i don't want him to feel too sedated and maybe the 45 mg's would be enough but i won't know for at least a week. and we need to knock off those seizures asap. the more they seizure, the more seizure pathways they create so it is important to knock those seizures out sooner than later.

well..i am going to try going back to work tomorrow. as long as i can keep the coughing fits under wraps with some meds, i should be ok...i think. quite frankly hanging around here day after day without being able to do much, is driving me slowly insane. here are walls that need scrubbing and windows that need cleaning and the fireplace need some good elbow grease too. i can't do that physical stuff yet cuz it sets me to coughing too much. might as well go back to work and just try not to cough.

not sure why fraser valley did not bring our delivery yesterday so ibetter call them and find out.



abbey is ok..and we currently have 5 epileptic forgot odie, squirt and chance...they just aren't highly seizure active right now. hopefully we can kick abbey and smokey back into a little less active soon too.


Seizures are so so very hard for me to handle.. I don't know how you manage with 2 dogs is abbey doing ?

I remember when my Harley ( RIP ) started seizuring.. I was a total freak and rushed him to the vet..carried him in..( the seizure had stopped ..but I was still so freaked out ) my vet told me " don't worry, they don't feel pain & can't remember anything " I asked him if I could speak to the patient who told him that .