Rescue Journal

well...this is it...

Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2012

back to work i go. i feel bad cuz i slept thru the night and didn't get up to let mya out. this morning her bedding in the crate was wet and i feel really badly about that....sorry mya, i suck.

lottie discovered my bed last night and it looks like she is planning never to leave. this is why i always feel so sorry for kenneled or hunting hounds...they crave comfy couches and beds even more than poodles and shitzheads. i think when their noses and voice boxes finally pack it in for the day, their bodies have put on a few miles and they need that soft comfy bed to recharge their nasal passages. lottie purged her nasal cavities before going to sleep..all over my blanket. no lie the whole thing was freaking wet like we were out in a light rain shower. please lottie sneeze before you come to bed, i can't handle any purging repeats!
anyway...we have had a few hounds and hound crosses thru here and all of them instinctively go for the best of the best of the beds. lottie for sure has found hers.

it felt odd putting the medical room to bed last night without the rock there to fuss and worry over. i tell myself to remember him as he was before he got welcome wagon...the nicest, chattiest, most outgoing and friendly cat in the world.

miss you rock.


H. Andrew

Hi Carol,

Just voted on The Shelter Challenge and noticed that SAINTS is getting lots of votes again (as you should) BUT as you know, you are not allowed to win this round, so would you remind your readers to vote for Turtle Gardens please!

I am not affiliated with Turtle Gardens but I know all the good work they do!