Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 13, 2012

i am looking at the cameras this morning thru blurry, barely awake eyes and in the very top of rays screen i see a pair of legs where no legs should be. what the heck???? oh...flicka's stall door is open...hmm. i guess i better go fix that. you can't tell from her camera view in the stall,the corner where the door is, is black. but from ray's angle i can see the reflection of light off of her shavings and i can see her back legs. anyway...good thing she absolutely adores little ziggers, he was perfectly safe.

i cannot get either the house or the shop furnances to turn on this year...the gas fireplaces are working but the furnances aren't. i will call gas busters on monday and see if they can come out. in the that it is raining and chilly...can everyone please make sure that sam and lea get dried off really well after they have been out?
also the door lock between the entrance and the kitchen has broken so for now odie, jelly and benny have use of both areas together. this is ok tho cuz not even odie is stupid enough to take on either of those suma wrestling sized dogs.

i was totally right...once found, never again to be lost...lottie is a fullfledged bed buddy now. i tried to keep her in the big dog room but that wasn't going to fly if i wanted to sleep. i don't know what it is about hound dogs and beagles but they can and will bitch for eternity til they get what they want when they know it is within reach.

"so close and yet NOT so far..i will just be a noisy hound dog til the gate to the bed opens saysame works."

there is a ton of REALLY old dogs with poor bladder control and crappy kidneys in my room now...i have to come up with a better solution for managing the amount they are flooding and the piles of laundry they are is right out of control. i stripped the room down when i got home yesterday. tossed it all into the washer, stripped it down again when i went to bed, washed it all too and it needs stripping down already again this morning....and that is with free access to the outside dog door all thru the night.
ancient or two are ok to manage but a roomful gets pretty tough.

and that is the problem with aging dogs...the older they get, the more worn out become their body parts.

tina, max, mini and jerry are 17 now...ewok, peluchi, angel, smokey are not far behind at 16...bambi, maybe, and hilda are at least 15 and they might even be older than that but i am not sure....and god only knows how old pepper, bess and lottie are but they are pretty damn freaking old too. and why oh why does every single gawd damn one of them absolutely HAVE TO hang out in MY room?????

big sigh...bladder control always goes first. oh well... no longer need someone to shoot me..i will probably soon just drown in their pee.



we are good for this week shelagh..probably next week for friskies tho if that is ok?

shelagh f

You are going to have to start wearing a wet suit to
bed. Then you wouldn't have to worry about the heaters.
Again, my weekly question about canned food. How is
the supply? It is great that you have had so much
donated. Probably coming Monday, regardless and can
maybe do some scrubbing like you were talking about the
other day. Make a list of extras and can maybe work
away at it.