Rescue Journal

so lottie is home.

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2012

ko came and helped me carry her in (tammy offerred to help too but she flew in from New york last night at 130 and hasn't slept yet so i thought i'd give her break and bother KO instead!) broken bones, no sign of cancer, no torn ligaments...some swelling, some arthritis but mostly BFB Syndrome...(big freaking baby syndrome)..hounds are absolutely heartbroken when they are hurt. the vet gave her a metacam injection which she screamed thru and hopefully she will get up and walk again one day soon.



she has been laid out on the futon, covered with a fleece since she got home, has not moved an inch..i think she thinks she is dying.


well, she really does have some at least shes not howling bloody murder over a sleeping limb! i vote for strategically placed mystic hole.


omg - Maybe if you had one of the cats walk in front of her she would have a miraculous recovery. She sure likes chasing cats if given the chance. Too funny!