Rescue Journal

dream a little dream for me...or not.

Carol  ·  Oct. 16, 2012

ziggy is much more purposeful in his use of the lights now. "i am awake, so i will turn on the lights...i want to sleep so i will turn them off now."

ray was down and sound asleep until 0630 when ziggy decided he needed light..that woke ray up and you can see that he is now ready and waiting for breakfast...he has a while to wait yet.

i had weird dreams last night..pretty sure it is from the cold and flu stuff. they were about me being in some kind of competition and there were so many things i had to accomplish in just the right way in order to win. all of the things involved actual cleaning....oh yay, i can't even get away from mops, buckets and laundry when i dream.

it must be because i was determined to get my laundry thru last night plus the last load full for saints so the house baskets were all empty cuz today after work i want to be able to bring a big basketful over from the shop to help catch that laundry got way behind on the weekend.
i don't so much mind spending my evenings doing up the left over wash but i do object to dreaming about it.

i want to dream about something winning the lotto or taking a trip or even buying new socks...not about winning some ms. clean competition, who in their right mind dreams about being a drudge?!

anyway..i guess i better get dressed and off to work so i can get my work day done and come home and work.maybe when the laundry is all caught up, i will dream of something more exciting and fun.

zig has turned the lights back off, he must have decided to sleep a bit more.


Wendy Scott

Thanks for the update Carol. I do hope the phenobarb will help Smokey. I thank you for being there for him, as it must be frightening for him. I hope everyone rests well tonight.


i don't know why he is seizuring wendy...could be from mini strokes or the cancer has spread to the brain or it could be idiopathic..the brain is a very complicated thing. he hasn't seizured for a few days now so i think the new dose of phenobarb is kicking in.

each time the brain seizures, it creates new seizure pathways so it actually becomes easier for the brain to seizure. seizure activity many times does increase in frequency so the phenobarb doses quite often do need occasional adjustments.

Janice ter Borg

All my animal-loving facebook groups are voting for Turtle Gardens! But the German Shepherd group is a very close 3rd place.

Wendy Scott

Carol how is Smokey doing? Is the tumor on his spleen causing all the seizures? I am worried about him .


Turtle Gardens is now in 2nd spot in the Shelter Challenge, coming up fast on the #1 spot. Let's keep voting, everyone!


It's bad enough when our dogs wake us up a 5 am by sticking their cold nose in our face or trying to dig through the rug beside the bed. At least they can't turn on the lights!
ps--I have nightmares about sorting through never-ending piles of mail and trying to figure out where they all go...

francesca wilson

Carol, we are so sorry but cannot come to SAINTS until November - we were hoping to come this month.... a couple of things have come up especially for me.
Thank you
francesca and Marie