Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 16, 2012

the freaking washer is broken again, that pisses me off! gawd damn stupid machines, they have work to do around here so they should just buck up and do it like the rest of us! the repair guys can't come until tomorrow so that royally sucked.

thank you maggie for grabbing the laundry today...GREAT BIG HELP!!!!!

erin said lottie started walking as soon as food showed up in her room...and here i was carrying the little sot bowls of water all night while she laid there looking pathetic and wounded.

i got home late tonight so it was pretty much a freaking mess everywhere. anyway it is all cleaned up, everyone has been out to the yard and i guess i can't put the wet floor sheets thru.

what laundry to occupy me tonight, oh what will i do?

i stopped at laura's to see harry on my way home..he is a very sick little's hoping the antibiotics kick in by tomorrow and he starts feeling better really quick.

i was busy at work today so i really don't have a clue what else went on around here today so i think that is all of the news.



with the wet weather, ziggy's coughing and snotty nose have returned so we will be watching him carefully for pneumonia again this winter. janice sent me an email his morning saying he was tearing around like a maniac yesterday.

daphne is great...i had her in a few weeks ago just for a bladder check (do not want a repeat of almost losing her again so the plan is to get her in every six months as a precaution check)..she had another bladder infection but the xrays showed her bladder was free from stones. and thx for asking reminds me that i am supposed to get her in again to make sure the infection has cleared with the antibiotics!


ok ladies :)just for that lynne i ll be sure to only shake the shit out of maggies laundry! hell, you might get EXTRA shit! (jk lynne, i love you!)


How is Ziggy doing health wise, and I haven't heard much about Daphne, is she still feisty as ever?


I'll pick up some laundry as well so between us we should handle it Lynne


i will come by tomorrow morning and get some laundry erin if ou read this can you put some in bags for me. thanks.have some laundry to return and dog food to unload so will need some help tomorrow. buck up erin lol see you in the am