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Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2012

i am finally starting to feel a bit better, hopefully a couple of more days and this freaking night of the living dead cold will be done once and for all.

we are starting to trial the transition of sam and lea out of the shop and into the medical/rabbit rooms for the winter. erin is spearheading this, she is right, the shop will be too cold and dark for them during the winter months. plus sam has really missed the pigs since they moved out to their new house, he might enjoy watching the bunnies instead. janice will still keep them out at the barn for a good portion of every day but their bed will be in the medical room, it is brighter, busier, and more home like so the hope is they are eventually comfortable enough over there to stay.
sam and lea are such creatures of habit, they like a good solid and predictable flow to their days, so the transition will be a slow one..a couple of hours in the medical room stretching out to a few more every day.

the repair guys came and fixed the washer so the laundry is flowing thru again....big freaking yay!

jingles the commercial meat chick, is starting to get huge...this does not bode well for a very long life for sad, she really is a very sweet girl. i doubt very much i will ever move her out with the other birds. the problem with the hormone induced godzilla broilers is when they suddenly go down because their legs or hearts give out, there is little warning. i don't want to risk the other chickens finishing the job if we are not there to grab her out right away.

hopefully on my last set of vacation in a couple of weeks, i can get amber bonded in with another rabbit pair. then jingles can have her bigger, single, floor pen which a better option for her as she continues to get bigger and bigger every day.

our two little budgies are the happiest little birds...they totally love each other and they love that cadillac flight cage. every night as i settle them to bed, they both just beam...happy, happy, happy..getting bombarded with their obvious cheery contentment really is a nice way to be ending the day.

well two shifts more, then two days off, followed by seven shifts in a row (yuck!) and then my last set of vacation...sixteen days straight with NO extra shifts booked...i am countng the days down...can't wait and i won't be sick by then anymore either...yay!!!!



I do not know anything about Leah and Sam. Why are they seperate in the shop?

Bunny Horne

GRRRR - I received a cheque today from Ontario for 10 each Collector Cards of MYSTIC


Carol, a supporter has a Whirlpool Heavy Duty Washer & Dryer in excellent condition they would like to donate & transport to Saints.


i dont know if erin told you carol, but the washing machine repair man also cleaned out the trap in the hose in shop so it is working much better. so jamie it should be okay, and i did post to jenn that i will come by in the afternoon and take some laundry home if someone lets me know that it is needed. my cell no is on whiteboard in kitchen sorry guys about sat and ein do not let that whole lead thing go to your head i will be back. lol