Rescue Journal

i wish i could let sleeping dogs lie.

Carol  ·  Oct. 20, 2012

time warp...i am a week off somehow or another,,,this upcoming week is my seven in a row, then i am on holidays. duh.

smokey is sleeping in the playpen this morning. too freaking cute. for those that don't know, we have two mesh playpens in my room with holes cut into the side for griffin to slip in and out of cuz he really likes playpens.
the holes have eventually been stretched bigger and bigger as little fat boys like joey have discovered the beauty of playpens..until apparently big dogs like ewok and smokey can now slip their big butts into them now too.

i am waiting for the day that i find june in one of them too!

hope the water delivery comes early today, please, please, please!!!!

i do not get why every freaking day when i go in at 5pm to check on the mp building guys..that little chicken jingles food and water bowls are bone empty and dry. the staff said she was knocking her bowls over so i got them to switch to bigger dog size non tippable ones. and 4 hours after the staff have left for the day, they are bone empty and dry again???? something just isn't right. today i am going to figure it out once and for all cuz i can personally fill up her food and water bowls and then keep checking to see what the heck she is doing with all of that food and water cuz i know she is not tipping it and i can't see how she can possibly be consuming it just doesn't make any sense.

there is always some freaking puzzle around here to solve.

i don't think bess is putting on any weight and this worries me. she has her vet check on the 30th, maybe her bloodwork will tell us why she is staying so bone rack skinny...she is such a sweet dog!

i better get dressed and face the day...too bad i have to start moving cuz the dogs are all quietly sleeping and i like them that way!


Wendy Scott

Too funny, Smokey always did like small spaces. It must have been a funny sight.