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Let's Talk About Cats! Maple Ridge Community Discussion Nov 3rd Hosted by BC SPCA & Katie's Place

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2012

Along with being a dedicated SAINTS volunteer I am also a dedicated BC SPCA volunteer. I will be volunteering at the event below for the BC SPCA
and I would love it if the blog readers and volunteers that live in Maple Ridge would attend. Collaborative events such as this will only be successful if members of the community participate.


The web site gives a wee bit more information than the poster does. If you like you can email me at events@saintsrescue first and I can give you more information.



I just left a message on her cell, I could head up on Monday and take a look at it for her


Hi everyone: Carol asked me to blog that her computer is BROKEN, and she's not able to do anything on it. So, no blog today. I must say it was a shock to arrive at SAINTS to SNOW falling this am. It was also "raining" inside, as there's a leak in the roof over laundry area again. (Dionne says she will fix it with "Roof Patch") Luckily by the time I left, the snow had stopped, and sun was trying to shine.
Maggie, the bags of laundry are in the Shop, by the washer - labelled for you. Thanks so much. The wet snow did not help with reducing the laundry today at all. I pushed as much thru as I could.
Tina was determined to get out to see Mo at the barn, and escaped twice, having to be brought back to the house looking like a drowned rat. She was dried off, and a pretty sweater put on her, and when I left she was happy to be wrapped around Carol's neck - literally!
Carol needs a new computer; she thinks her old one is beyond fixing.