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smokey is seizuring again

Carol  ·  Oct. 23, 2012

he had at least two this afternoon...erin kindly came back after her shift was done to keep an eye on him. he was seizuring again when i walked in the door. the vet chose that exact moment to call me back so it was perfect timing! the plan is to up his phenobarb again to 90 mgs twice a day..i can pick up some valium tomorrow to give if he is seizuring to stop the clusters sooner. we will have to do bloodwork in ten days or so cuz that dose is getting up near the top of what his liver can handle..smokey hates going to the vet so that will suck a little. there is a real possibility that his cancer has in fact spread to his brain...if it has, it will be hard to get a handle on controlling his seizures so he might be getting close to the end.

wilma was ok when i got home..i compressed her leg, gave her the meds, fed her, poked her with her insulin and had her up for a drink and a pee. she should be ok now until bedtime when i will go in and get her up again.
man these old and wrecked animals are a freaking helluvalot of freaking worry, stress and just plain hard work!!!!

the great news is thx to the donna-mae foundation, the stewart family foundation and the donnor foundation who have either each sent us a donation or are sending us a donation.......we should be able to pay everyone's freaking vet bills!
these family charity funding foundations do very great (and mighty helpful!!!) work!!!

i was so worried about the climbing vet bills...big sigh of relief, i can worry less about that right now....we are very grateful for their very kind and generous help with our vet bills!


janet nicholson

Fantastic news about the generous donations to pay the vet bils -

Wendy Scott

I am upset to hear about Smokey. I pray that his seizuring will lessen with the meds. I know he is getting the best care possible and thank you Carol and Erin for being there for him. My prayers are with you Smokey.