Rescue Journal

i dreamed a little dream and it just keeps growing...way bigger than me.

Carol  ·  Oct. 24, 2012

huge thx to curt who is trying to fix my computer (which is apparently toast) and he hooked the laptop up to a mouse and keyboard for me so at least it is easier to use..yay!!

this is the last week for krista and laura..our 2 part time 4 hour staff. the receiver general costs of having 6 paid staff is financially killing us so i gave them lay off notice three weeks ago. renee can pick up an extra shift each week for now so she will be taking over the mp building on tues/wed/fri and i can cover mon/thurs for awhile because i will be on vacation thru most of nov. so at least we can save some costs over the next month or so. the recent influx of grant money is great but it is specific to vet bills because that is what i asked for and it is what it must be used for. we do have to get a handle on the animals medical bills and that is my priority for the rest of this year.

if we can keep the vet bills basically covered within reason without
racking up 20 thousand dollars in outstanding vet bills that need to be paid out of each fundraising event maybe we can get a little bit ahead of the game with each fundraising event covering us for the months going forward instead of playing catch up on the months just gone past.

anyway that is the plan. so just letting everyone know of the changes going on around here as we try to do things as efficiently and cost effective as possible while making sure the the staffing money we do spend ensures the animals do get the very best of care. it will help when i have time off from both of my paid jobs and can work around here for free!!!

i will tell you tho that running saints is a huge stretch for me...i am a nurse by nature and by profession and quite frankly what i am best at is nurturing and caring for old and wrecked animals, the whole necessary business mind set needed behind this truly is hard for me. i either need to push myself to know how to do it better or i need to downsize us so the costs of caring are not so high

i just never dreamed we would get so big or be so absolutely needed...and how did that happen anyway?



Carol, I almost have the machine done. I need to know which programs you want installed/re-installed & if you have any disks or software to install (already has office for you)


"i just never dreamed we would get so big or be so absolutely needed…and how did that happen anyway?"

....all I hear in my head is ...If you build it..they will come.

Hope Smokey is doing better & will be bootin it around the barn this week-end.


I already have one that I have donated and am am setting up for her Maggie


Carol, a reminder that Kevin has a computer you can have free. Please let me know if you want it or not