Rescue Journal

riley crashed today and couldn't stand on her feet.

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2012

renee and erin took her down to the vets...colleen recommended euthanization. she said we could try IV"s and antibiotics but she felt there was something big going on inside like cancer.
i almost opted to go ahead and try but when i looked at riley's quality of life over the last couple of weeks, i knew the vet was right.

i haven't finished weeping over the loss of percy yet...i just wasn't ready to lose another so soon.

you were a very good and very sweet dog riley, i am so sorry to lose you today too.



So sorry to all who loved Riley! It has been a tough week! Sweet dreams Angels of SAINTS! RIP Riley!


I remember the day Riley was brought into SAINTS - She had the most beautiful face, and gorgeous collie ears. She found the best place to live her last few months - thank you Carol, and I'm so sorry for all the sadness your heart has had to deal with in the past 2 days.


Carol you gave Riley love, care, FOOD and the dignity that old girl deserved. *hugs*


So sorry Carol, sweet dreams Riley I will miss seeing you in the MP room, with Sugar moved it is getting very empty in there.


So much sadness this week. Riley was such a beautiful girl. We will all miss her. Rest in peace, sweet angel.


maybelle is ok, she had a bladder infection and she got pretty sore down below...the vets gave her a long acting antibiotic injection and she has some cream for her sore parts.

and it really has been a terrible week.


Such a sweet gentle beautful dog .. hugs to everyone here who loved her forever.

shelagh f

this must rate up there with one of your worst weeks
ever. At least Riley was with people who cared to
keep her as comfortable as she could be for her last
few months and I will miss her in the mp room. Percy
certainly left his mark on a lot of people, may he
rest in peace. Hope the water problems are sorted


Oh my, what a terrible week. Such sad news about Riley and Percy. Riley, I will miss. You so much.. I enjoy our cuddles and petting time, as well as you following me around.


Words cannot even begin to express how much I am going to miss the beautiful dog whose confidence I gained in our time together. I loved Riley following me everywhere I went on Saturdays while I cleaned the MP room. The quiet time together when the room was done, I would sit on the floor and she would come rest beside me and we would cuddle. You were an amazing dog, and I will never forget you . Thank you Riley for letting me be part of your life.


I'm so sorry. Sweet sleep Riley. You were such a pretty girl with the best ears xo


i cry for the ones who have passed at saints but cry more for the ones who are the forgotten, the ones who die by themselves, who no one cares about, the ones who have a sad lonely existence i see them everywhere tied up in backyards left by themseves and i see saints as a salvation to a lot of animals they at least have had a chance a having a happier life than a lot of animals and so i see not just see the sad but also the happy for these animals they are the lucky ones. they had a second chance.


oh my god riley was so sweet i again am so sorry carol, how you do it is beyond me hugs to you just know that they knew they were loved and that is all you can do. it really sucks but they passed away in a great home.