Rescue Journal

injured dog...

Carol  ·  Oct. 28, 2012

ko and one of our neighbors is going to try to catch him...if anyone is available to help, call me on my cell and i will tell you where.

update..the dog has been found and returned to his home...WAY TO GO TO OUR NEIGHBOR AND KO!!!!!!



lol..she is feeling better and getting up and about a bit more...but DAMN her for lying on the cold, hard cement!!!!

anyway..not to worry helga..i am moving her back into the mp room tomorrow.


One thing with Wilma. I tried to make sure there was lots of good stuff for her to lay on(or pee on) before I left. When I came back a couple of hours later to return the laundry she was stretched out on the cement in the bunny room. Should we put down towels and stuff in there too?


thx michelle..that was perfect..i was able to feed her, do her meds and insulin without her already feeling full!


Hi carol, I forgot to mention that Wilma didn't get her dinner when I fed the the rest, coz of her insulin....just making sure you know. Thanks!