Rescue Journal

looking forward to my holidays.

Carol  ·  Oct. 28, 2012

last day of a pretty hard week...i have worked 63 hours instead of my usual 40, been close to a break down over the saga of no water, upset over not meeting the needs of wilma and maybelle, sad due to the losses of riley and percy and driven to frustrated distraction by the obsessive and unrelenting multiple daily phone calls and emails by a previous owner of cruelty seized dogs.

my work week will be done after today and i am technically on vacation......we have water ...not great pressure but at least we have water trickling in here which is an improvement i guess. we have a better plan of care for wilma and maybelle....percy and riley are gone and i can't bring them back so i need to move on and just accept that, nicole is trying to figure out how to block the emails of the person driving me insane and my son will block that phone number from my cell today.

so hopefully this upcoming vacation week will be better, or at least less stressful... and i can catch up on some stuff around here.

we have a very good potential home for jelly that i am starting to work with...i am hopeful that between us we can make it a good fit. jelly has some very specific needs and so far it looks like this home is willing and able to figure out solutions for meeting those needs. this week we will be relationship building between jelly and her possible new family and we will see where that takes her....hopefully to her dream of her very own best friend forever.

i have a bunch of vet appointments booked and a few more follow ups that still need to be booked. since we are working with less paid staff, i have to step up and cover the holes in the care of the animals in the mp building for now. and this is a good thing because that building has not been running as smoothly as i think it should be. this will be my opportunity to see what are the real issues in there.

there is a possible new old wrecked dog coming in next week...he is an ancient, skin affected mastiff mix. i don't really want to be taking in any new animals right now. but.... i was involved with this home many years ago before saints when katies place had to trap out and provide medical care to a ton of breeding and not very healthy cats. KP is takng care of dealing with any remaining cats and the chickens there and i will see if we can reasonably find a workable spot for the old dog here. we will be trialling him here next wed...please be a good boy and nonreactive to everyone else cuz that is the only way we can help you right now.

laura is booking in a bunch of dogs for a single marathon grooming day next week...this will be the last major grooming of the hairy guys before the really cold weather appears.

raven needs his vaccine boosters then everything medically he needs is fully up to date, and the vets are coming this week to take care of that. i must remember to order in a new load of hay first thing tomorrow or we will be screwed and hauling some ourselves to tide us over.

i don't really care if this holiday time is packed full and really busy... i just want it to be filled with good and positive things, not heatbreak, guilt and frustration.

and huge thx to erin, renee, maggie, ko, laura and curt for helping with some of the crises during this past dfficult week.



I have 6 double gym mats for SAINTS. Can I drop them off Thursday sometime after 4? Let me know Carol.


HI Carol. I would call you but I don't have your number! You can call me tonight if you like. I will be home.


oh and shawn..sorry i missed you today..i wanted to talk to you about possibly purchasing any of those gym mats that maybe are not being used any more...can you call me?


If you would like me there Thursday afternoon or evening, I can be there.


i will be by on thurs but also tomorrow. will help erin if nothing else to do. see you then.


thx shawn..i promse to call..barring any crises, things should be better now that i am home for a couple of weeks.

thx bunny and brent, this is such a great idea!!! i will do some research on finding an appropriate bath time sling.

hey jamie..i think i have enough help for monday but if you are free on thursday (and maybe lynn too???) i could use some help then to finish things off. renee will be in there on tues/wed and friday so i can do vet things and maybe visit my grandkids.

ko and laura i will be here on the 30th BUT i do have vet appointments in the morning with bess and lottie in maple ridge..i just can't remember the actual time..i will look at my book next time i am out at the car...hopefully i made it for 10 and not for 9. if i can't be here, i will ask renee if she can come in a few minutes early.

Bunny Horne

Carol, we picked up the mechanism for the frail guy bath. Brent will pick up any remaining bits and pieces this week. You need to supply a sling. Guesses are you probably have one or can fairly easily acquire one. Brent can install everything - if it all meets with your approval next visit. We will do up an instruction sheet and laminate it so anyone using it knows how to operate it.
There's a mesh on the drain pipe outside of Dixie's home now to help minimize a build up of hay in the pipe. Have a great week, if you need anything let us know.


re grooming...this is the list i have: puff,mystic,jerry,mini-me,sgt.pepper,bambi,tina,hilda
does that cover all the hairy ones?
The appt is this tuesday oct 30th...drop off is 9am
KO will be driving them and she is hoping to use the van..we only have to go as far as Cedar & Dewdney Tr Rd
so if it needs to be a couple trips no problem. Will you be available to help her load the crew and drop off?


Hey Carol I also can come out on Monday and lend a hand with anything that needs doing.

shelagh f

as a matter of fact I do. I will spend the rest of
the day trying to figure out how it works, (or maybe
ask my son, much faster) It is a P touch system,
will put it in the car.


hey you have a label maker? we really need to sort thru and organize the donated meds and medical supplies??? if you are here tomorrow that is a perfect job for us to do once i get the basic cleaning and care done.

if not, i will pick a new one up, ours doesn't work any more for some reason.


oh yay..cuz i want to gut the gutz out of that entire mp building and set it up better so all of it functions more efficiently and effectively with a bit less chaos and clutter.

shelagh f

I will be out first thing Monday morning, about 0900
and will start in the mp room if that's where you want
me to start. Can drive for appointments if nec. Can
help where best needed.