Rescue Journal

super busy days for me...

Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2012

but..i did get some really important things done today at least.

renee and i bathed and blow dried maybelle and ollie..they look and more importantly... feel... so much better this week.
gunner..our cage eating stray....went home today. we will have to replace the wire on one of the medical room doors but oh well..better that than him being crunched by a car.

i spent another 45 minutes chasing an utterly freaked out dog who was running down the middle of a very busy road. i never did get him and neither did the SPCA when they came out. i suspect he will not survive the night....he was too terrorized to be abe to think. GOD DAMN not only fireworks but stupid owners who can't seem to figure out how frightening fireworks are for animals outside.
when the fireworks fly...keep your dog and cat safely inside!

i made dinner for lindsey and cam at their place and then held little ethan while they ate. he is so tiny and beautiful. i have the two absolutely cutest grandchlidren in the whole world...and i really need to get down to see annabelle this set of holidays too.

so the second new dog is here (this would be the old mastiff cross) bo is lovely. he came late this afternoon and i was too busy to do much with him except stick him in the mp room. but can already tell, he is truly a lovely old dog.

rizzo is doing great. he has been loose in the computer room all night since i got home. he is quite the climber..up and down on everything..including standing on my chest and shoulders when i am sitting or laying on the couch. i actually think he likes it here...he is a super bright dog and i think he likes that there is so much interesting stuff going on. and i am quite astounded at how much effort he puts into getting to know me..he is forever coming to put his feet up on my lap or looking for a scratch or a pet...he really is a reserved yet very affectionate dog.

however...he does not like odie. they have had a couple of bitching matches thru the wire kitchen door...gee why does that not surprise me?

douglas college student tour tomorrow..i think there are 25. i will have to get that mp building done before they arrive at 10 am..looks like i will be out there working pretty damn early.


Bunny Horne

I've been waiting for a good blog entry to make this posting - this seems like a good one to let your readers know that the next Series of Collector Cards have gone to print.

SAINTS RESCUE COLLECTOR CARDS - Series 2 consists of 10 cards. Anticipated arrival date is November 9th. Any advance orders will be dropped off at Saints Rescue Sunday, November 11th.

As with Series 1, the cards will be available:
- directly from Maggie Calloway
- through website (images will be uploaded in the near future)
- directly from Bunny Horne
- through website

Price is 5 cards for $10 (mix and match)

The cards are posted for viewing NOW at (tab - SAINTS RESCUE) and will be posted on in the near future.

There are now 15 cards to select from. Each card is limited to 100. Once sold out that image will be RETIRED. Cards can be mailed to any destination in Canada or the continental USA for no additional charge.

All verbiage on the cards has been extracted from C.J. Hines' books, blog entries along with input from volunteers/staff. The photos have been downloaded from the Saints Rescue facebook photo gallery. Thank you to Carol for her stories and to Jenn Hine for her always amazing photographs.

There will be a Christmas Series released (5 Collector Cards with one bonus card).

Remember this is just one of the many FUNDRAISING programs for SAINTS RESCUE.