Rescue Journal

i will try to get thru todays news...

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2012

BEFORE the internet craps out on me again!

first thing..i kind of sucked at getting my ass in gear this morning...dicking around, showering manny.... the douglas college students got here FAR before i was ready. thank god for jamie, kim and lynne who showed up to help and erin for picking up a bunch of the slack that i didn't!

it was a HUGE freaking tour...must have been 30-35 folks at least! anyway..they did have a great time and really enjoyed visiting here.

ko and laura finished off ferrying the grooming guys...just andy and squirt left to go...thx so much guys AND HUGE thx to the staff at Bark Ave..the dogs all look great!

rizzo continues to do well...bobo did pretty awesome and fit in like a good glove too.
i got to go and hold ethan while lindsey relaxed and had a shower so that was a great way to spend this afternoon.

new goat in...looks like a grey version of edith...she came in as part of a cruelty complaint. i have decided to name her clara..she is adorably cute.

the folks we have been working with about possibly adopting jelly, came back again tonight to see if they could form enough of a bond on her part to risk moving her out of here (jelly is firmly bonded to saints!) we put a leash and collar on her so they could take her for a walk. she slipped that damn collar three times...("no... i am not going with them for a walk!) in the end, i took the leash off her and went along. then she was fine in coming cuz i was going..big 100 pound sucky baby.

anyway..i introduced these really nice folks who i liked a lot to bo bo just in at first sight on everyones part. i haven't vetted him yet, he just came in last night but they were ok to take him in and get everything checked. i do know he is great with people and other animals so there should be no problems there. bobo (who we all decided to change to beau cuz it is a far more grown up name) has gone out on a two week trial. he is pretty damn happy...his new family are pretty damn happy and i am freaking damn happy..we are all doing the happy dance!

fastest damn intake and adoption in my entire career...too bad jelly lost out but i do think she really does want to stay here.

nd that is all of the news so far as i know it.



wooot! i gotta admit i (maybe not so secretly) wanted jelly to stay. *maggie* i LOVE that you fold and bag the laundry into "like" bags. i love you :)


I think having Donnie pass away was quite traumatic for Jelly and she probably has decided it is better just to stay where she knows she is safe.


I met the new guy Beau tonight. What a sweetheart, so good! I hope the mats are ok Carol and we can use them for the animals. See you Saturday