Rescue Journal

we lost manny today...

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2012

he kept falling down when we lifted him up to his feet, he just couldn't support himself at all...not even for a second today. i have known manny from before i even started katies has got to be 10 or 12 years now. he was with another rescue and then went into foster care. we took over his foster contract about 4 years ago to cover his medical care. and then when he just became too heavy and crippled for his senior foster mom to manage, manny came here.

here is a GREAT dog who has been in rescue care for a dozen or so years...he was a bit of a goof, a bit of an oaf, a one hundred and twenty pound happy go lucky big baby moron who all of us loved so well.

our closest guess to manny's true age is at least 17 years old. i don't know what his life was like in the beginning but i do know what it has been like for most of it...manny probably really never has had a REAL or normal home of his own.

rest in peace manny, you will be greatly missed around here by many..plainsman was your real, dignified name, but to me, you will always be our thundering goofus frankenstinian manny.


love you babe.



So sad I will really miss you in the mp room Manny.....sweet dreams, big hugs to you Carol.

Mark & Del

Our hearts are with you Carol. You gave Manny such a wonderful life here on earth, now he goes to Run free and rest peacefully forever more over Rainbow Bridge.


Oh no! not Manny, such a beautiful boy. Was thinking of him yesterday, will miss you.


oh crap is all i can say. i am so sorry for the loss of manny.he really was a great big loveable oaf . rip manny will miss you.


Oh sweet Manny; what a lovely face. I am reading this at work too, and no other staff is here to see my sadness thankfully. The passing of so many in such a short time - I hope this cycle is over now. Enough is enough already.
Carol; on a different note - I wanted to remind you that tomorrow night (Sat.) the clocks go back one hour when you go to bed. I'm very happy about this myself as I'm on the overnight here at work again. I would much rather be at SAINTS, but I'm so short staffed I will be here Sunday too. (The house crew knows this). So, if it's 9am and no one is at the house yet on Sunday, it's because you forgot to change the clocks - it's really only 8am!! Or, you did put the clocks back and everyone is late. Can you tell I'm overtired and need to go home soon?


The MP room is going to feel really empty. So many of that crew gone this summer.


Swift peaceful journey Manny. I didn't know manny that well but when I would pop in after doing the MG with the others, Manny was always so happy to get a treat & would insists on getting " just one more " his bark was big,his heart was big & the hole he's left behind is big.


Sweet Manny, you were one of my favourite dogs. Such a lovely, gentle boy. We'll miss you big boy. Rest peacefully now.


Riley, now loveable Manny? I feel blessed that I was able to be part of his life as well. I'm going to miss your face peering out the window Saturday mornings, your cuddles and kisses, and your genuine appreciation for everything people did to help you. I'm so glad you found a loving home with Carol and SAINTS. Rest in peace beautiful boy.

Barbara Ferris

Made the mistake of reading the blog at work; had to go hide and cry. I really will miss Big Manny Boy. Carol I am so sorry for your loss.


awww, RIP Manny. I'm glad I made the time to pop in and visit you last weekend.


Oh Manny, I am so very glad that I got to spend time with you yesterday! I will think of you running & playing in a green field with all of your friends that were there to meet you with wagging tails. RIP Manny you truly were a kind, gentle boy!