Rescue Journal

do you know what really pisses me off?

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2012

putting the freaking barn animals to bed in the pouring down rain with me dripping and itchy from being covered in wet hay and then having the rain stop as soon as i am done!
are you freaking kidding me, you couldn't turn off the flooding water works a mere hour ago????

sooo..we had three new dogs in here in the same 24 hours..gunner was lost and then found by his family...bobo had forever lost his family but found another right away and rizzo thought he had lost his family but luckily they remembered how much he was loved.

a fairly successful week as far as those three dogs are concerned.

clara the new goat is doing ok (when chewy is not being a dick head to her!) but i am a bit nervous that she may be pregnant. janice pointed it out to me yesterday (gawd damn her!) that goat is fat, like tub of lard, roly poly fat..which is nothing new to us cuz chewy is roly/poly tub of lard fat too (and gilbert ain't far behind.) but i can't feel chewy's spine, not even sure he has one. i sure as shit can feel clara's sticks up an inch or more. so why is clara fat in the belly and too thin along her spine? it worries me a bit cuz i do not want any baby goats born here, holy shit!

i am still really missing our three lost friends...percy, riley and manny..i wish you guys were still all here.

now here is a coincidence..i got a call this week from a notary republic who was drawing up a couple's will. they were trying to ensure that their much loved, 10yr old pet jersey steer did not go to slaughter if something happened to them. i could totally see why they would be worried about that!

i did call them and was quite honest with them...if the time came and if we had room, we would certainly be there to help him. but i can't control who or what shows up here or when it happens either..what if another cow or desperate steer needs to come here? we absolutely cannot handle more than three so i was unable to give them any kind of firm guarantee...number three might arrive here tomorrow! but what i told them i would do if they decided to accept this was...if we had room, we would take him but of we did not, we would humanely euthanize him at his home rather than risk his ever going off to slaughter. they are going to think about that because obviously... that is not what they really want for him...they want him to have a forever great home.

the bottom line is tho..good luck finding a permanent pet home for a 1500 pound steer. maybe one could be found if a miracle decides to happen but i think always have a "protect from the slaughterhouse at all costs," back up plan.... just in case.

the best scenario is that they both stay alive and well for the next 10 years.

i was truly touched today when saying goodbye to one of the volunteers..she said, thank you for letting me help here.

i tell you, the volunteers here "get it"...looking after these animals is an honor and a priviledge.

our animals are so lucky to be surrounded by such great staff and volunteers...maybe they don't have a real home of their own but they sure as heck have an army of good and caring people who love them.



off topic... you probably already know this but I just found out so I'm passing it along. If you put an Amazon link here on the SAINTS website you get "advertising" money from amazon every time someone orders from them using your link to connect with them. I don't know if it's a lot of $$$ but every little bit helps, I guess. It's very unobtrusive... just a little "button" which reads "Amazon" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Our household orders from Amazon all the time and I imagine a lot of your supporters do as well so it might be worth an inquiry. Huggums to the Zig.


I agree. We (the staff and volunteers) all love and care for these critters as if they were our own. Many a time they cross my mind when I am not there.