Rescue Journal

rizzo has gone home.

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2012

i NEVER return dogs to surrendering families..never say never i suppose.

my feeling is, once families cut the ties and abandon the dog the first time..they will probably eventually do it again. and if they had actually followed thru and euthanized the poor dog..well, gee, there would have been no opportunity to take that mistake back.

but in rizzo's case i have some sympathy for the family..rizzo was in the middle of an emotional crises and things were going from bad to worse. and i think it was because he was a shiba which makes him even more foreign and misunderstood.

i have to admit that there are dogs phoebe and odie who i do truly love...but man sometimes the thought of just being free of them forever would solve all of my problems.
the difference between most folks and me is..i have lost many royal pain in the butt animals and been devastated by their loss. so i know that deep and true love can really be there even if the animal IS a pain in the ass. took the complete loss of rizzo for this family to finally realize how deeply he was actually loved.

i can understand that..everyone makes mistakes. i am more sympathetic to those who can actually take responsibility for the mistakes that they make.

so rizzo has gone home again. i asked them to change a few things they were doing which were probably driving that way too smart, highly sensitive and busy beast nutz... and they have agreed.
and they have all agreed that they really do love him so rizzo should benefit from that the very most.

but damn tho cuz i was really liking that dog!



Thats really good news. Rizzo really is a dog that you quickly fall in love with. As soon as I saw him I was attracted. I only had the pleasure of meeting him once but I'm glad I got that chance.


i am so happy that rizzo has a second chance with his family and for carol giving him that second chance. i guess miracles do happen. yeah for rizzo i so hope everything works out wish all the animals were that loved and missed.


Yea for Rizzo and hoorah for his family..he is a beautiful shiba is so true that sometimes you don't know what you have until its be able to realize that and have that 2nd chance it truly a gift.