Rescue Journal

please watch this right thru to the very end..we CAN make this possible.

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2012



I LOVE this. What a wonderful way to convey the message. It seems especially appropriate as we approach the Holiday season. Thank you SO much for sharing, Carol. It's going on my Facebook page for sure.



Carol, you are right. This opens up the idea and "makes it possible" to a larger group of people. Even small changes add up.

I do believe in a world without factory farming. I choose to buy free range local eggs and since my dad is a hunter we eat mostly wild game.


Nature's Pick-ins in Abbotsford have free-run and hormone free chicken and turkey (I e-mailed them). They regretted that their beef and pork are not free run - guess it's price driven.


I only get my chicken from Rockweld Farms. SPCA approved and very nice people.

Bunny Horne

Since becoming a volunteer at Saints the only meat I consume is free range chicken / turkey. No cows, no pigs, nothing I'm named after (bunny), no ducks. I do eat seafood - I don't find an emotional connection to a scallop or prawn. I would rather eat with a turkey than eat a turkey. I give away my Costco employee Christmas turkey every single year. I can't watch those videos, I've volunteered on a dairy farm for a few years where the animals seldom saw the light of day, where they never got exercise. In fact I thought cows were one of the stupidest creatures on the planet and JOY, EMILY and our BELOVED PERCY showed me that they are anything but stupid. We are the stupidest creature on the planet and the cruelist.


Lepp's Farm Market is free-range - the animals are raised on the family farm, apparently. Or so their website says.


Like Leila, I wanted to close the video after the first few seconds because it upset me too much, but I forced myself to watch through to the end. Hiding our heads in the sand and pretending this isn't happening doesn't help. I eat very little meat - chicken only - but will definitely try and source somewhere now that offers "free range" only. My sister has been doing that for years, and my daughter is vegetarian.


this film is important because it is not your typical born-again/shock and awe/everyone must be vegan film. this film is carefully crafted not to horrify but to open us to the possibiity that even in small ways we each can influence a positive change in the lives of millions of animals.


"I choose to not purchase factory farmed animal products."
"I choose to eat less meat."
"I choose to be meat free."

this film is important BECAUSE it makes a world without factory farming possible for everyone.

for most of is not just these suffering animals who are being hidden away...we by own choice in refusing to see them, are hiding too.

we can all take those first steps out into the light of a more compassionate world.


Great video that needs to be shared. This is one of the reasons I became a vegetarian, made me cry to see a truck load of chickens pass me on the highway and never looked back.


It's a shame that so many people are so resistant to the message. Anytime I post anything like this on my wall, I either get snide comments or lose FB friends.

Recently one comment was that "there are vegetarians who spay pregnant animals" shot considering we do spay any pregnant rabbits (if safe to do so) that come into us as we cannot bring more into the world when it is already full of unwanted ones.

It's really frustrating that if one promotes compassion, you are seen as the anti christ. Sometimes it is hard to think one "had a good day" when in the back of your mind you know that there were millions of living beings on the earth who are going thru or have been thru hell on earth.


Sorry Carol, I can't past the 1st scene in the video - makes me too sick.


omg Carol.... thank you for sharing this video -amazing! So sad, but hope floats as you say often..


They are some"ones" not some"things"... so much said in five little words.