Rescue Journal

the power was out last night

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2012

and we also lost all of the camera feeds out in the barn. i really did not like not being able to check in and periodically see what was going on.
today am going to move max (aka benjy) over to the mp room..i don't think he will get as lost in the crowd over there so that will be better for him. tess is getting a bit better with pepper so i will leave those guys alone.

yesterday afternoon was spa day...jazzy, chance, max, ollie and maybelle all had their baths and the rabbit nails got done as well. i like doing those things when the work day is is calmer, more peaceful and less stressful on the animals. thx to allie and tammy who were both here late to help.

i missed the whole getting soaking wet at barn bedtime last night..michelle had it all done by the time christine and i got out there so that was great!!! i felt kinda bad that she was there on her own but with the cameras out i missed the start of it all. allie and ko are pretty sure they saw someone moving around in clara's belly and christine is pretty sure she felt someone moving around in there. i guess i better call the vets out to make sure one way or another cuz if clara is pregnant we may need to come up with some better maternity housing for her (one that is no where near chewy the dick headed demonic new goat bashing beast.)

thank you SO FREAKING MUCH conan for just spraying the wall with your pee!

lynn brought her son in law nick out last night to look at why we have no cold water pressure..(running everything on hot is going to bankrupt us!) he will come back next weekend to see if he can fix it. thx lynn and nick, it feels good to have some hope floating again for a time without all of the water issues around here.

i have another busy day building this morning, family stuff with ethan and bru this better get moving.

hope everyone has a good day, i certainly plan to!



thx francesca...see you both tomorrow!
thx dawn..i already talked to her..buddy is fine but being a dick with the cats.
i am pretty much almost caught up on he laundry today maggie..erin got a lot of it thru, i think lynne might have taken some and i have been seriously kicking laundry ass out in the shop.
thx ali and curt..i really want to see it, i didn't get to see it at the gala!



Find me on Sunday & I can always put a copy on Carol's computer & then it could be shared from there for people who would like a copy


Carol, the laundromat only had one dryer working today. I got everything done but didn't take anything home today. They tell me they will get things fixed tomorrow so please call me re pick-up.


I sent you an email today from Jill re: Buddy boy, please call her.



Sheila worked REALLY hard making a beautiful slide show that was played at the beginning of the Gala when everyone was arriving & getting settled. I know I missed it since it was hard to see the screen with the blinding sun. I asked her for a copy and it is truely lovely and I know everyone would love it. So if you didn't see it I will leave it in the office when I'm there next Sunday (it's on a memory stick, too large to post) Bring your laptop and save it or borrow it, but please bring it back for others to enjoy.

francesca Wilson

Carole, I think Marie may have called you. We will both be at SAINTS tomorrow (sorry we have been so long away). So are happy to do barns if that helps.
Thank you