Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2012


bobo came home late..just as i was settling the mp building to bed, just as janice's truck battery went dead, just as those freaking computer room morons dumped 5 gallons of water and 5 pounds of food all over the computer room floor.
it is stressful enough trying to introduce a new, large and pretty damn powerful dog into the house...add all of the other shit going on and then SHANE'S ABSOLUTE total STUPIDITY and i am in a freaking rage. i swear to god if he doesn't stay put and lay down and quit rev'ing up bobo..i will go buy a gun and shoot the stupid moron myself.

everyone else gets it...hit the beds, stay put and be quiet til carol's stress level calms down (which will be when bobo stops anxious alpha strutting around.) shane is quite simply a deaf, dumbo dimwad..A) he insists on walking in and out and across the room OVER and OVER again and B) then snapping in the face of a pushy, curious, nervous 90 lb new mastiff/boxer/pitbull who is bent on trying to mount him.

shane is too freaking thick to even figure out why i am mad at him...because you freaking idiot stick this dog if he loses his current questionable control.... could freaking well hurt you!

the other new dog came in this morning...the lumpy, head tilted guy from animal control. i have named him joe...he looks like a joe. that mass on his side is bad news i think..his head tilt is probably vestibular disease. joe goes to the vet tomorrow and so far he is a really nice.... (ahem bobo)....,and VERY calm dog! joe is starting out confined in the mp room when i am not around. but when i have been there, he has been out and seems fine with all of the dogs. it will take a few days for me to know him well enough to fully trust him in there.

2 new big dogs in on the same day is much too much stressful for me. i like knowing the dogs that are here...knowing their in's and out's and what i can expect of them. i can handle the dick heads but i need to know that they are dickheads before i can formulate a plan. so i hate that whole waiting to see if nice dogs or dick heads have actually moved in.



not your fault janice and you were the easiest fix!
anyway..not mad at shane anymore but i am now furious with odie.... i will save that story for tomorrow because if i re-live it now i might shoot HIM!


Really sorry Carol , i know you didn't need me and my truck problems happening at the same time. Thank you so much for loaning me your car so i could get home to feed.


I have to stop picking up dogs for your Carol. I can't stop thinking about them after I leave them behind.


i really like joe. i thought sugar was the Worlds Softest Dog, til i petted him.


Thanks so much for taking Joe, Carol. He came in as a stray from the Emerg where they listed him as a "caution" but he was really just afraid. Me and the kennel girl spent a lot of time cuddling old Joe, who was always happy to see us (sideways) and always had a tail wag a cuddle waiting. I am so glad he had somewhere to go :) His kennel, sadly, is already full.