Rescue Journal

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Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2012

it will be difficult day...basically 2 new dog intro's to get thru today. bobo can't go back out to the mp room cuz i moved those little guys over and they are doing well over there. he will have to come to the house where he hasn't met anyone yet...and that is a drag. and the big shepx is a total unknown so he can't go over with the frail and little guys cuz i don't know if he is safe.

and i just finally and barely got rid of my headache at the beginning of what will be a stressful the sucker comes back again!

oh well..plan for today...
clean the mp building..settle hobo in when he comes..whip down to hold ethan for a quick hour to give lindsey a chance to do some personal stuff (like eat something and get showered!) zoom back here before bobo arrives..hah the only thing i actually WANT to do is go and hold the baby for an hour!

i want to thank erin and renee for the great job they did on their own around here yesterday...we are down 2 part time staff, we had no extra volunteer help, and i was gone all day yet the place from top to bottom..both buildings... looked, smelled and felt... comfortable, settled and clean....AND there was no left over laundry! excellent job, you guys seriously rock!!!!

and seriously everyone, somehing to think about...with the quality of the care and the completely dedicated staff we have here right and barn.....i think we have got to figure out a way to pay them a bit better. they deserve it and we need to retain them because with great staff, saints is so much better. when i have a bit of time, i am going to look at tryng to figure out a way that we can increase the wages a bit to be fair for what we are getting from them.

the problem of course is we can never afford to pay great people what they are worth but maybe we could do a bit better if we try really hard. i think this is of priority importance to saints, the animals and to me...i can leave here now without worrying...that is huge.

ok..time to get moving if i want to have some breakfast before i start my vacation at saints work.



Having reliable, dedicated staff who are there for way more than the $$ is definitley worth paying more for. Saves you time and headaches in the long run constantly training and replacing ones who dont work out. You have the dream team on board now :)