Rescue Journal

vet visit updates

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2012

mini me and tina had their cardiac checks..i was right, their hearts are getting old. the vet did not feel they needed to go on meds yet but i will keep an eye on them and get them back in if anything gets worse.

old joe's vet visit did not go very well..besides the tumor on his side that i knew was bad news..he also has three peri-anal tumors and another tumor on his back thigh..none of them look like they are very good. the vet felt that he does have an already metastisizing cancer which given the head tilt probably means it has already spread into his brain too.
anyway neither of us felt it was worth upsetting him to put him thru a bunch of invasive all looks pretty damn conclusive. so the plan is to just treat him palliatively, keep him comfortable, and hopefully he will find some enjoyment in the time he has left.

too sad.



i am so glad he is with you carol. he is a sweet old boy who will have a happy ending in his life at saints he deserves that. welcome joe.

Carol Ann

That is so sad, poor old joe just like the 3 I took Eli, Sweetie 1 and Charley. Their time is short so we do whatever we can to make it as good as possible. I know Laura and others have been through this too. I wish life wasn't so unfair for these dogs and other animals. :(


Poor Joe. At least he has the comfort of Saints to spend his final days in, rather than a pound. There will be lots of people to make a fuss of him and make him feel loved, however long he has.