Rescue Journal

weird science or fantasy?

Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2012

it still hits me at barn bedtime to only be carrying 2 food bowls out to the cows..i miss that third bowl for our most giant oaf.
sometimes i wonder how we can be so utterly full yet have such huge but not really empty holes surround us as well.

space is an odd in the physical world but unending inside of somewhere else.

last night i laid in bed, supposedly watching tv but not really.
first came daphne and mini me to lick and lick and lick me, next came bambi, tina, joey, peluchi and hilda to tell me they too loved me. finally came june and mystic..together like twins..warm and soft near my face and hands..purposely placed in just the right ways so the two became three in a different kind of unison.

if i was at all questioning my decision to adopt mystic myself...last night i saw the right of it. june and mystic are deeply bonded in friendship and love. they are together deeply bonded with me..we actually are by each of our very own conscious choices...a true family, meant to be.

daphne, benny, phoebe and me were thrown by fate together thru a rescue necessity. i know they love me and i know how utterly deeply i loved them first too but i don't think they were meant to have to love me..not like mystic and june were.

i think it is the same with many of the animals past and present who have come here to saints. why does the life and eventual loss of some of them transcend any kind of time or space? gideon, ellie, tyra, tally, percy, spritely, frodo, clyde and so many now or not....that different kind of unbreakable bond or connection never lessens or is lost.

for those who are not here anymore..i can feel where they still should be....and somehow they still are.

i feel like that about my mother..that she isn't really ever gone away too.

it makes me think of not just the heart connections we made, but maybe there is such a thing as true soul mates. spirits who for whatever reason are so infinitely connected. independent of our physical selves.

i like the idea of an interwoven uniquely personal fabric....beyond time, space and species that keeps us forever safely connected somehow

magic is only science we don't understand.... yet.



I agree with Janice, Percy's presence is still in the pasture and the riding ring. There are some things that were exclusive to Percy and now Emily and Joy do them. A couple of times I've caught myself saying "Thank you, Percy" only to turn and find it wasn't Percy at all, but Emily. Today Joy did something to me when I was brushing Emily, something only Percy would do. Percy's tiny herd is carrying on his legacy - he absolutely is with us.


i'm so pleased you like it!!

it's excellent for a pill-holder, but you don't really have to have a use for it. you can keep your ibuprofen for work, or in the cupboard- i have one i use it for, with me and mum, but mine's a frog. :-)


oh bridget was that you????
he is absolutely lovely..i am so deeply touched by your gift...THANK YOU!!!!!


dropped something off for your desk, Carol. i hope your tour was awesome!


She has a huge tour happening right now - about 28 freinds of the animals will have arrived.


are you going to be lingering at SAINTs, today, Carol? i'd like to come see the farm animals, if i can.


I think Spirit and Love go hand in hand and either leave us ..ever. Not having them in our physical world still causes me great pain but knowing they are still here , visiting when they can - brings me comfort.

Percy would stand there licking his lips when i came with breakfast- Emily and Joy never did this , but they do now. He is still here and with his herd ;o) As are the others..