Rescue Journal

are you freaking kidding me?????

Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2012

i popped chance into his new playpen and he was as happy as a clam...rolling and rubbing and grunting and groaning..chance was in his version of heaven, back in a playpen again. i zipped out to straighten up his bed so it is ready for when he returns and suddenly his happy sounds change..first to rage and then to terror.

i go flying back into the room and that freaking 90 pound idiot bo is INSIDE the playpen, rolling and mouthing and sliming chance up. bo is having a blast with his new toy..chance is having a heart attack!

i screamed at him...GET THE HELL OUT!!!!
bo immediately obeys and pops out again but chance is still having a cow. i picked him up and wiped him off so he was free of that idiot dog's wet and cold slime...poor little mongolian monster baby to be so rudely accosted by such a monsterously giant and drooling lout!

ok..chance's playpen in the computer room was a REALLY bad idea..i took it out and will have to figure out somewhere else to set it up.

i am so sorry chance..not even i thought that dog was as moronically dumb ass stupid as that!

chance is safely back in the cat area on his straightened up has decided he has caused enough trouble tonight so he has collected all of the new non screaming stuffies to lay on and also gone off to bed.

geez this dog is a pain in the ass.



omg...yes, I would have definitely had a heart attack - glad I missed that scene in person -the way you describe it tho Carol, is priceless. We had Chance in the kitchen while Odie was outside on Sunday, but Bo was barking at him incessantly thru the gate, so I finally put Chance back in the cat area again, and Bo settled down.


i got it ann..just not so keen on the total amount to be paid out..such a freaking drag!


hahaha so bobo thought hey! a live one! this is the best friggin shelter EVER! poor chance, (im only giggling cause it happenned to you, not me)


Sorry Carol off topic did you get my e-mail regarding money and your reminder?