Rescue Journal perspective.

Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2012

it was a bit of a screwy day cuz i was in slo mo getting moving this morning....a psychological effect of knowing it was my last day of holidays. however..i did get chance head to toe bathed and i did rearrange the computer room to put in a new playpen for him. jenn quite rightly pointed out yesterday that he is spending too much time on his own in the back cat area. i keep saying i am going to bring him in a playpen to hang out with me in the evenings when i am too busy to sit with him on the couch and then don't get around to doing it for him. tonight it is finally done.

i picked up some meds from the vets and updated the med lists while i was many have passed away since i last updated the lists. i called eastridge and talked to the vet there...we are trying a slight decrease in abbey's phenobarb dose...she is still gorked from the last increase and it should have settled out by now. so we will try a little lower dose and see if that brightens her up a bit more.

i went to hold ethan for a bit but he was quite fussy today and really just wanted his mom. so lindsey only got a couple of brief breaks between feeding and fussing...babies have their own ideas that do not necessarily match ours.

i am zippng thru my own laundry tonight..between janice and me we are all caught up on saints stuff..and i do need to change my bed tonight and wash it and then put away the stacks of laundry in there..then i am ready for a week of back to work..i think. BIG thank you to ryan, erin and renee for switching the crappy house washer out and bringing a better working one over from the shop!!!

my awww..too freaking cute for the night....wilma sound asleep on the gym mat with pepper curled up resting his head on her neck. that room has such good vibes in really is a very good mix and all of the dogs are quite content.

i brought over a bunch of new toys from the shop for the dogs...erin will be cursing me in the morning as she cleans up their left over fluffy and stuffy guts.

ok...enough blogging....i still have some end of day stuff left here to do.



Hi Janice
If you are looking for great straw you might try
McFly's (next door to the Whonnock post office).


Off subject but .. where did the straw come from? I would love to pick up a load of that for my kids.


well thank god bo refrained from delicately ripping off chance's facial features...honestly erin..i don't know who's heart attack was worse chance's or mine at finding that oaf in the playpen with him!


ha! i brought over a bunch of new toys too, me and bobo had a bit of bonding quiet time today, turns out he loves to o so delicately rip the facial features off i went and got him(and jelly) some more :) i will gladly clean up stuffy guts, same as i clean up myas tiny bits of tennis ball every day (and every day i give her 3 more new balls). happiness is in the little things.