Rescue Journal

not rocket scientists by any means but somehow lovable in a few weird ways.

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2012

odie cut himself yesterday...we think he ran into the corner of one of the gates. it is an occupational hazard of being a blind dog who runs around like a seeing dog maniac. the issue is really close to his eye...a half an inch to the right and he could have lost that eye so i do need to find where that peice of wire is sticking out.
he probably could have used a stitch but since he tried to bite me just for trying to look at it..i decided he could just let it heal on its own. it looks really good today so i am glad i made the right call. odie is such a dick head at the vets that he would have had to be totally knocked out for them to even get a good look at it, let alone trying to sew it up.
odie is his own kind of original pain in the ass dog.

speaking of problem children...i have been thinking about chewy chewbaka quite a lot. goats have horns so you have something to grab onto when they are acting like morons! have you seen that show with the kid with the bucket on his head that keeps running over and over into a wall?
that is chewy...he is the ultimate head banger....he full force head bashes into doors, gates, walls, other goats and human knees. he will stand in an open stall all on his own and continuously bang his head against the wall.
i am wondering if he has some kind of head banging mental condition or does he get some weird kind of brain rush that makes him like beating the shit out of his head...anyway..i do think it is odd.

and this reminds me of my very most favorite saints snap shot moment in time that happened about 8 years ago. i was coming back from the barn in the full dark of night. the lights were on in the big dog rooms and i liked to sneak a quick peek in thru the windows to see what they did when i wasn't around.
in the sun room area, they were all just peacefully and comfortably lounging around. but when i looked in what is now (but wasn't then) my bedroom windows, i had to take a double take.

how many of you remember jazz???..the blind and deaf/helen keller, 90 pound rotti who absolutely owned this place. she flew thru the house like a train on a track, she ran around the fields like a maniac..she once sent me flying right off my one foot when i broke my ankle because she decided my crutch was a giant rotti-sized fetch it stick! (LOVED THAT DOG!!!)

anyway..i had to double take my look thru the window cuz there was jazz sitting quietly and patiently comfortable on one hip with her back leaning up against the door. she was facing directly towards me, but she couldn't see me because A.) she was blind and B.) she had a stainless steel bucket stuck on her head!

after that i called her bucket head, but that was jazz...she stuck her gaint rotti head all the way into the bucket because she could and then couldn't get it off again. so jazz being jazz decided the best thing to do was wait patiently for me to come into the room and remove said bucket from her head for her. (GOSH I REALLY MISS THAT DOG!)


shelagh f

funny story now, but at the time.... One of the batches
of pups I fostered, were big rottie, shep mix and so was
mom. I gave mom a big peanut butter jar to finish off,
and the pups liked to chew the plastic container. Any
thing to keep them amused and not chewing the wrong
stuff. Woke up one night with these funny noises,
kind of soft barking and wimpering. Tried ignoring it
for a while, then decided to get up and check. The
mom was hysterical, one of the pups had stuck his head
in the jar, and couldn't get it off, and was bashing into
everyone and everything. Suppose it wouldn't have
suffocated, but no one has ever had a peanut butter
jar again.


Lol.. I remember Jazz, she was a great great dog...but holy smoke could she ever flood a room...miss you girl

Duchess Sammy

Hi Carol. Thanks for sharing Jazz's story, it had my mom and I rolling. Being a very big Rotti girl myself, (in my healthier days) I often stuck my head where it didn't belong. I never got it stuck in a bucket but I did get caught with it snout deep in the flour bin when I first arrived to my forever family. Thanks for bringing back a happy memory! We needed to remember that one!

Cathy Thomas

I had an old rotti, I found him one day sitting in the kitchen with a red milkbone on his head. To funny!!!