Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2012

lol..too guys are nutz!
ok the floor...that is NOT lindsey's floor. that is the photographers floor...(Rosalee Roy Photography)...BUT lindsey's floor IS just as clean.

i should have posted THIS cute photo of ethan then you wouldn't have been distracted by the clean floor!



Yes Deb, Cape Breton SPCA is moving up on Turtle Gardens in the Shelter Challenge. They've maintained #1 spot for so long, we can't let them get toppled now! Turtle Gardens was #2 in the Aviva Challenge yesterday, they've dropped to #3 today.


What a sweetie!

ps--The Cape Breton SPCA is making a big push in the Shelter Challenge--keep voting!!


That is adorable. But how did the guitar stay up like that or Ethan not role of it?