Rescue Journal

big sigh...

Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2012

taking in bobo was a big booboo.

every day it is the oaf just can't seem to smooth off the uncivilized, barbarian, kick ass edges that make him such a disruptive pain in the ass.

erin was proactive today and put a clip on the computer room door so bo couldn't accidently open it and get in with his arch enemy odie. i come home, unclip the door and enter the computer room to open the doggy door, let phebes out of the zen den and free mya from her crate. as i am exiting the pushed thru my legs and slipped thru.

he and odie were at it full force in an instant..i was on it just as fast and grabbed bo by the tail and dragged him across the kitchen and back into the computer room. odie literally pissed himself in a combination of fear and utter rage..he hurt his back leg when he slipped in the pee. this was the only injury because SO doesn't actually bite he just rushes snarling full speed ahead, mouthing and sliming his victims, and scaring the piss out of them.

i have pretty much had it with this doorknob...he gets along fairly fine with the dogs in his room...he is just a major dickhead with everyone else outside of his room..

bo is not that old...maybe 10ish at a rough guess. theoretically he could have 5 or 6 or 7 active years of kicking ass left.

someone please shoot me before i shoot this oafish, sometimes sweet, yet total pain in the ass moron.

he is such a big booboo on my current biggest regret.

(i am however, fairly sure somewhere in the future, there will be a few more.)

damn rescue.



oh yay ashley! i never thought of having it compounded into a capsule...thx for the tip, i will ask the vet about this!


hi donna..that wasn't our barn. just an email i had received from someone else regarding a stray dog in their barn. i did call them and left a message but never heard back. hopefully the dog is ok and found his family again but i really don't know.


Slightly off topic, but is there any more information on the little lost dog that was coming out of your unusued barn area? I wonder if he/she is a Halloween victim. Just curious.



Carol, we get potassium bromide compounded into capsules... much nicer! I can always bring some out to try if your vet sends an rx...... let me know!


he is still seizuring...he had one at 830 and another an hour ago. i will phone the vets in the morning...we will have to try adding K+ bromide to his med mix cuz we know his phenobarb dose levels are good. he is going to hate that is a foul tasting liquid.

bobo has a big scary bark when he sees odie ..and for that matter...even when he is happy or excited about something, like my coming home! i tell him to shut the hell up whenever he opens his mouth cuz he will scare the crap out of people sounding like that. he really is a giant, brick headed doorknob.
good luck us finding him a good home!


bo when hes calm is creeping up to be one of my favourite dogs. but when hes excited, he scares the pee outta me too. i think he thinks he needs to take down all the bullies, to show whos boss. i knew he wanted odie, he had his head thru the hole yelling at him, i thought id better lock that damn door before it just shook open. but when things are all quiet, he likes shake-a-paw, kisses and squeakers. what an awesome dog he would be in a one dog household. hope smokeys doin alright tonite, poor babe.