Rescue Journal

oh yeah...

Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2012

why i hate getting home late....

it is pitch freaking black AND pissing down rain..i can't see a god damn thing but i can sure as shit can hear a bunch of screaming pigs (including a little baby one).... plus more than a few tons of hysterical horses, donkeys and cows stampeding around in the riding ring.

oh freaking yay... the barn guys are having a collective hissy not safe for everyone...including me.

note to not EVER be late for barn bedtime again.

maybe was adopted today..i miss her already, she has been here for at least 3 or 4 years.
jamie will be taking benji-max home this week as a foster and he is one of my most all time favorite dogs.

why or why couldn't the lucky ones this weekend have been bo-boob and odie?
that would have been a humungous hip-hip hurray!

aw shit! gawd dammit!!! i was in such a rush to get home i forgot to pick up the K+ bromide for i will have to wait until monday.

the good news is..jenn found THE dress...she looks stunning in it...yay jenn!



Great News about Maybe.... so happy for her

And congrats to Jenn on finding "The perfect dress".

Carol Ann

Bye my little Maybe. Hope she has a fantastic home with lots of love. She is such a special little lady.

Janice ter Borg

Oh, I love Maybe! How wonderful for her to find her furever home.