Rescue Journal

it was a good barn bedtime...

Carol  ·  Nov. 18, 2012

thx michelle and christine...everyone got really well settled for bed today!
teddy and gracie and twosey all had a good race about the barn and back yard. twosey is getting so freaking cute!!! not sure what is up with emily but she was bawling her head off...i wonder if she is still missing percy.

i was going to bath max this afternoon and then brenda told me derek and jen had already gotten to him...he looked pretty damn good too. but by tonight he was again a pissy wet mess so we popped him into a tub and soaked him again. he sits there so good in his tub full of warm soapy water, just watching what everyone else is doing til it is time to rinse him off. when he came out, he was so excited to get to play with some new toys.

bo is ripping the shit out of a ton of stuffies over in the computer room. he actually gave me an "awww he is so freaking cute" moment when i watched him gently carrying the entire little red full of toys basket over to his bed for better access. even tho this dog is a royal pain in the butt...i somehow really do like him! he reminds me of "Hooch" (from the movie turner and hooch.)

i got an hour long nap on the couch today between weekend warrioring and the barn bedtime routine. bo laid with his big head on my feet which was nice cuz they were freezing! i guess even an idiot oaf like bo can be sort of helpful at times.

looking forward to a hot bath and a quiet night with a ton of toy guts littering the floors.



erin..the 9 am rule does not apply to the staff during the week for one very simple guys actually have to listen to me when i tell you...i don't want the dogs under any circumstances disturbing the neighbors before 9 am..and because i say guys make sure you do it. i really appreciate this.

i have been telling volunteers NOT to let dogs outside to bark their fool heads off before 9 am for going on 8 years (our neighbors might want just a little bit of a sleep in on their days off like everyone else.) kept on happening anyway... hence about three years ago i instituted the weekend start time of 9 am.

no one really paid any attention to that rule either and the morning unsafe chaos with the dogs recently (with the installation of our intruder door and driveway alarms) has escalated as they were shut inside frustrated and frantic, knowing people were here somewhere but not coming in.

and that was when i got pissed because no one was really listening, everyone had some kind of excuse why it was ok to be here early or why they personally did not really have to follow the rules while upsetting the dogs and/or the neighbors.

and this is why i am such an uncompromising bitch and made the weekend NO ONE comes on to the property before 9 am rule....i finally realized it is impossible to compromise when there are so many different people involved...better just to have an unbreakable, non negotiable, iron clad rule.

we are where we are today because initially no one really understood or took seriously.. that if we continually annoy the neighbors with multiple dogs barking early every weekend morning... that we could and would be shut down by the bylaw dept...and quite honestly..i wouldn't blame them...our neighbors have a right to some reasonable peace and quiet times too.

whatever it takes to keep saints safe is what i have to do.


so, i never said i was the sharpest tool in the shed...janice and i routinely get to work at 8:40. while neither of us park in the driveway, the dogs all know we are there. i try to get in the house quick after we open the shop door for sam n leah, and the barking stops within minutes of me going in, but its still prior to 9, so im assuming this also applies to us?(me as in the staff, as im never early on saturdays)


Hi Carol. If you need help any night for bedtime let me know. Report cards are done so I am free ( for a little bit anyhow). Jamie bathed Max Saturday so maybe that's why he looked pretty good?


hmmm...he sure looked like he had been even looked like you had blow dried him dry! maybe it was from hanging out with mr. and mrs. guys should adopt him!

anyway..not to worry cuz he did get done.

and so sorry your back is bad again...remember ICE it and take ibuprofen REGULARLY.


Sorry Carol, we did not get to bathing max today but will every Sunday. Today my back was getting worse as the day went on so we had to get done and back home for a nap and some pain killers ASAP, but we will make it part of our routine to wash Max every week.