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figuring it

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2012

abbey is having a really hard time...she has been seizuring on and off since last night. i am trying to decide if we need to euthanize. i need to get hold of mo...left her a message.
cuz here is the thing...abbey can't go to mo's if she is going to continue to is away at work 10 hours a day.
and if i look at abbey's quality of life here...i see now that she is in fact slipping. the phenobarb is overly sedating her...she is confined to the laundry area (by her own choice and for her own safety) 23 hours a day.
i also think whatever is going on inside of her brain is insidiously progressing....the seizures are just a symptom of her underlying disease.

if we decide it is best to let her go because nothing we do now is going to make her quality of life better...i am not even sure how or where to fit her euthanization needs to be there...and i need to be there..i love this dog i have cared for and worried over the past few months now too.

update..i finally talked to mo..we have a plan.

i have such a migraine...the day has barely started and i am already overwhelmed.



let me know what happens with joe..that new tumor came up awfully fast..i bet it is a mast cell.


Carol, we are will try to get Joe in to East Ridge tomorrow. I did give him one tramadol and he seems to be fairly comfortable. We will keep you updated. So sorry you lost Abbey and Ollie.


i am sorry lani..i did not see this til now.
i am assuming you had to let your dog go. we would not have been able to help her...too many frail and small dogs here..i am so sorry.


My apologies for the stress please ignore the previous messages

You do wonderful work and all the best in the future.


I will be at SAINTS around 3 O'clcock if possible can Ollie & Abbey be prepared & ready to go in my van...abbey's appointment is 3:45 in Maple Ridge and I would prefer to have a nice peaceful drive there instead of trying to rush so I am not late.

Thanks a lot