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the smaller worries.

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2012

just want to make sure this doesn't get buried because the staff really could use a bit of help today.

erin is off today and renee has to take jesse into the vets and still take care of the house, dionne is new to the mp building…Sooo..if anyone has any extra time and can come and help them out, i am sure it will be greatly appreciated.

i had a fairly decent sleep compared to the past couple of nights, but geez 5 am feels pretty freaking early to me, i haven't done an early morning shift in quite awhile.

i had a slight heart attack yesterday while i was in maple ridge on my way to the last vet appointment at just before 5..a sudden storm hit with buckets of rain, hail, lightening and huge thunder. i was so afraid it had already hit mission or was on the way to there. luckily for some reason it bypassed us here cuz i am pretty sure if that sucker had hit when no one was home, the dogs would have totally flipped and probably would have destroyed the house.

i think maybe we should make it a habit to leave all of the lights and TV's on loud at the end of each day..just in case a storm hits before i can make it home. i know these kind of storms are infrequent but they do scare the crap out of most of our guys and they can send some of them off into full panic. i think better safe then sorry. so if we can remember to put on the lights in each area and also the TV's (loud) before locking the doors..they stand a better chance of being ok until i get case we have another big freaking storm.

the laundry area is empty without abbey in there. i checked in with maybelle a couple of times and she seemed ok that ollie wasn't there. i haven't gotten jesse up yet but he did have a quiet and comfortable night. andy is still very freaked out and would not let me cover him with a fleece so i turned the heat up for him. squirt seems ok this morning but will need a sweater, with the furnace still not working in his part of the house, he is going to feel cold in his fuzzy-less-ness. i should have dug one out for him last night, but i didn't think of it until this morning...duh.

there are a bunch of animals trying to get in here today...nicole has passed on half a dozen to me. probably a tentative yes to a couple of the dogs and one homeless, most likely abandoned cat. no to the others which is pretty sad.

and i guess i better get moving for work.



hi cathy..the classical music is a great idea except we use the TY's because they can play continuousy to drown out the sound of storms and fireworks. CD's end after an hour or so. i am not so much trying to sooth them as i am trying to trick them into not hearing what is going on outide.
my theory is if it is so freaking noisy inside the house, they won't be able to hear what goes on actually works pretty well.


I posted the picture on the SAINTS facebook as wasn't sure how to do it here. Hopefully he will soon be home.

Joe was at Eastridge this afternoon. It looks like he has an abscessed tooth so he is on antibiotics for 2 weeks and will be reaccessed. He will mostly likely need to be sedated to look at the tooth to see if it is just a cracked tooth which means it can be removed or if the abcess is caused by his cancer. He was very good patient and was fine with the examination of his mouth. We didn't need a muzzle so maybe he starting to feel more secure now.


I have tagged you on a facebook pic. Jennifer McNichol's cat got out last night and she is desperately looking for him. Could you post here on your blog for her? I can post the text, but not the pic. Thanks

Odie snuck out of the house late last night. He is an indoor cat, though he originally came from the streets of Surrey - he seems to be pretty savvy, though maybe too trusting of dogs. ):
He is an incredibly personable cat, who likes people, other cats and dogs. Outside, he tends to be skittish, though always, always comes when called.

Location: Whidden Av
enue betw
een Cade Barr and Aster
Description: Medium hair, very fuffy tail, orange and white with amber eyes
Age: 1 - 3 years
Sex: Neutered Male
Medications: He takes prednisalone daily for severe flea and food allergies
Reward Offered!!!!!

Any information would be greatly, greatly appreciated. He is missed tremendously.
778 928 3885


Couldn't make it up this morning, but am just taking a run up now to see if anyone still needs help.


Hello. Just wondering if instead of having the TV's loud would some classical soothing music work better for the dogs.


I'll be up there at 9am to help out. I can take Jesse to the vet if you wish...or whatever