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morgan has been reading the blog.

Carol  ·  Nov. 26, 2012

brenda phoned me yesterday to say she found 2 dead rats outside in the cat run. it sounded like they were smaller juvenile type rats cuz they weren't very big. when i got home, i heard a rodent scream and there was morgan out there with a full grown dead mouse (not a small rat) in her mouth. so apparently we also have mice living somewhere around the outside cat run (not anywhere remotely near where i was poisoning.) morgan has taken it upon herself to catch them when they stupidly slip in thru the wire.

so tonight i sit down to blog and suddenly i hear a distressed squeak right next to me. there is morgan sitting in her cat basket on the shelf, right at my eye level with a still alive mouse in her mouth..once she was sure i saw what she had... she chomped down hard and ended it's suffering.

jeezus morgan..don't do that right freaking next to totally freaks me right out.

anyway..that is 4 mice i know of that she has murdered in 24 hours..i guess she is trying to show me that she is quite the rodent huntress. whatever..not impressed and i still am not letting you out. and quit bringing them in and killing them in my house. please keep your violent recreational activities outside in the cat run where i don't have to see.

i m so sick of the whole rodent thing and just want to think about something else but morgan won't let me and it totally wiped out of my head whatever i was going to blog about!!!



i know i should laugh about the cat run around the barn thing... but it sounds perfect! LOL i can't help it... i do have to laugh, but still!


Good job, Morgan!

She's bringing you the trophies as a tribute. You are the alpha in her pride.

So yeah, it's kinda yucky, but she means well.

Bunny Horne

Yay, Morgan, she was just showing your her trophies. Be grateful she doesn't have access to your bedroom - my neice's cat used to bring her kills into the bedroom and tuck the remains under the pillows.


My boyfriend suggests building a cat run surrounding the barn so that Morgan can take care of the entire problem. lol Good luck, Carol.


Ahhh...So that's why she was outside. Here I was thinking she was not able to go inside. Silly Curt


Sorry, mice or rats- guess I don't know the difference; and am not thrilled with either species. Anyway, Morgan was out there when I found them yesterday. She probably thinks this is great - she just sits and waits outside in the cat run, and "live toys" just run in for her to grab. Carol, you're spoiling her fun, but I get how upsetting it is to you for sure.


Carol - I know you are concerned about the poison around the animals & being humane to the rats in trying to come up with a non-kill solution etc but sometimes we have to compromise before a situation gets out of hand. I was discussing your situation with a friend who proposed a non-poison but highly effective solution - Parson Russell terriers. Her sister had the problem some years ago in her barn & her friend has 2 terriers that come for a visit every 6 months and clean up the barns. The dogs get their exercise & employ the skills they were bred with (although I think you would have to get some with experience prior to setting them against the rats!). The rats are either killed or have the heck scared out of them so the population is greatly reduced.
The resident animals are secure from food thieves & disease carriers. And don't have to worry about accidently injesting a particle of poisoned feed. We can't relocate/rescue the entire rat population as the planet is not large enough to accomodate these little multipliers!(well maybe not so little!) Anyway, it is a good organic control method that might be worth looking into.

shelagh f

I know this isn't popular, but yah Morgan. I hate rats
and mice. They are dirty and I do think it could get
to be a big problem if there are too many of them. They
might end up IN the house, if not there already. No
one will like that. I vote for an exterminator. (IF
anyone is asking for my vote.) There
are lots of nice dogs and cats and bunnies and livestock to save, no nice rats. I do think that Morgan should
be a bit more cool about her new toys though.