Rescue Journal

i feeeeel good....

Carol  ·  Nov. 27, 2012

great song...stuck in my head now.

i woke up this morning to no sugar in the house...are you kidding me? i can't start the day without a hot cup of tea!!!
drinking it sugarless would simply be pathetically settling...not anywhere even close to satisfying.
so i dug thru the cupboards looking for one single misplaced cube (and tossed away a bunch of old, stale and outdated food while i was at it.)
i could not find even a single one...that so totally sucked the hugely frustrated big no freaking tea one.

anyway i could have been a big girl and suffered in dignified martyrhood or i could find a suitable substitute solution for my lifelong habit of a nice hot cup of sweet early morning tea.

who says you can't have hot chocolate and baileys at 6:30 am????

flexibilty can make any day a bit better and currently i feel cheerfully warm and mighty bendable.

big happy feelin fine moment...who needs hot sweet tea to start off a good mornin???


Bunny Horne

Just got my SAINTS RESCUE Christmas letter and I can't stop crying. Once AGAIN Carol touches the heart with humor, joy, sadness, faith and of course hope. Without hope and promise we have nothing. It's heart warming to see all the Saints listed in the Happy Tails and heart breaking to read the SAINTS that have passed on in 2012 and oh how those SAINTS touched my heart. I feel truly blessed to have found SAINTS RESCUE and to have had the opportunity to share special moments with many of those that passed. I had no idea that one magazine article and one of Laura's amazing tours would change my life forever.


Janice are you going to be at Saints on Wednesday AM as my mom (Marion) & I are going to drop off some baking for the sale. I figured that if you will be there then you two can catch up

francesca wilson

Hi Carol
Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow. Any chance we can buy you and Janice lunch at Clayburn?
See you in the morning.


Yummy, hot chocolate and Baileys sound sooo much better. Have a great day!


Carol I am not feeling well this morning so I won't be coming in. I told Erin as well.


it is against all safety laws to be DWDAWBPP.

(drinking while dinking around with big pushy pigs)

i shall stay out of the pig areas this morning because i believe in setting a good example of drinking responsibly and safely.

maybe that should be...DAWBPPWI...(dinking around with big pushy pigs while intoxicated)

whatever...good grammar isn't one of my strengths.


Yes well if you see me sporting a silver flask in my pocket today you will only have yourself to blame for happy but slightley drunk barn help.


there is sugar in the shop on the coffee table in little packets - hoping this is the only crisis you have to tackle today ;o)