Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 28, 2012

not posting this am. was having internet issues Again...somehow fixed it by clicking on everything in sight for half an hour but now i need to get ready for work.
anyway...everything is ok...sort of (jesse absolutely would NOT take his meds last night so he will probably be totally screwed up again today.)



I received the xmas letter too this morning and it made me laugh and cry. Gotta admit I laughed outloud at the comment "Remotes eaten by Mystic-18". Very nicely done letter. It makes me very happy to see all the Happy Tails and am proud to have adopted Precious and Pest. Both of them are wonderful companions and characters. Katrina caught Pest peeing in the toilet last night. Who knew!! Kat actually thought I taught him that.


Hi ' i wondered if any one is at Saints today ' i picked up a load of food from Bosleys ' ? can i deliver today ' please. Polly my cell is 604 916 1635 ..thank you 'i can unload just need some one there. thanks again...polly


Just received the Xmas letter from Saints. So beautifully done. Made me cry, and made me smile. So sad to remember all the ones who've passed on, so wonderful to think of those who have their new forever homes. The quotation about the old raven has always stayed in my mind "death visits more gently here". Makes me proud to be a part of Saints in some small way.


I have some cat toys and food I would like to donate. Could you please tell me if these can be dropped off some time during a week day. I am not sure I could get there during the tour times on the weekend. Thanks.