Rescue Journal

easy come, easy go...

Carol  ·  Dec. 3, 2012

new dog coming old, hypothyroid, stressed out in the shelter border collie with a chest infection and a mass in his gut....apparently his current name is grandpa. shelley will bring him out later in the week..thx shelley!

i gave up my day off today and took a overtime shift..i gave up tomorrow as day off too for some more overtime hours. oh well. it i not like i haven't worked 10 days in a row before. all it really means is on saturday..i have a heck of a lot of saints stuff on my did not get done list to actually get done.

i need a hot bath, i have a headache, i'm hungry, my knee aches aand i am freezing.

sorry sheila i was writing while you were posting..i won't bury your post about this very cool (and generous!)fundraiser any more for a while.



i guess i should have spelt leas name right. sorry lea there is no h on the end

Bunny Horne

Leah and Sam are SO LUCKY. I can see them now snoozing in front of your wood stove.


awesome maggie. i am sooo happy for you all. what lucky dogs way to go sam and leah woohoo. and thanks so much for taking care of my girl she was in good hands.


I am thrilled to tell you all that Sam and Lea joined the Calloway Clan today. I picked them up from Saints just before noon, they both jumped into the van and away we went.
We took a walk around the property when we arrived then into the house. I think Sam twigged to what this was all about before Lea and after he had a good look around he curled up on one of the dog beds. Lea was a bit more timid for about an hour then relaxed.
The cats and both Lea and Sam have met and said hello with no problem so we are now a family.
Ya us!


Not trying to sell her or maybe I am but there is a great little senior pomerianian (X???) at the Maple Ridge SPCA named Foxy. She is looking for a nice retirement home.


i just heard that hilda is coming back tomorrow erin..i told her to come before 2p so you can settle hilda back in. also get dorothy's mailng address so i can reimburse her donation for hilda if she would like...i am pretty sure she is on a pension and she might find another senior dog to adopt somewhere else.)

thx shawn...janice and dionne are here til 5pm on weekdays so i just have the shop and mp building to do sso i should be fine but THANKYOU!


no mention of hilda...only for selfish reasons would i be happy if she came back, im really hoping she stays gone...